Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Last year I was the Banner Queen.  I seriously probably made 100 banners.  Okay, maybe not that many, but it sure felt like it.  Hence the tutorial on our sidebar.  I still love banners, but my house only needed so many.  Now I'm on a pillow kick, and my house totally doesn't need any more pillows, but don't think that will stop me!!  A friend and MOM follower showed me this LOVE pillow that reminded me of the LOVE statue.  The original is in Philadelphia, but I walked by a replica quite often as a crazy co-ed at my alma mater.

As soon as I saw the link, I knew where I wanted to go with my own love pillow.  I slanted the O because it needed a slant like the statue.  I mean as a one time declared humanities minor (for like two semesters) had I written a paper analyzing why the artist, Robert Indiana, slanted the O in his sculpture I would have written about how the slanted letter symbolizes that love isn't always perfect, it doesn't always happen the way we want it to, we fall in love unexpectedly, etc.  So I knew the O needed a slant.  Love just needs a slant.  I also spiced my pillow up with a bias tape trim.  So simple, but I think it added the perfect finishing touch.

I also used a scrap for the back of this pillow, so the zipper ended up in the middle of the back which probably isn't my favorite, but I wanted a zipper closure, and I wanted to use the scrap, so I'm happy enough with it.  I used my favorite zipper tutorial to help with the zip.

I have two brown leather chairs that both needed a love pillow for balance in my living room, so the second pillow I made for the Valentine's Day month is another  V and Co. gathered heart pillow.  I just reversed the fabric.  Instead of using white fabric as my outer fabric, like I did for Grace and George's pillow, I used it as my gathered heart.  Totally easy pillow and has more color.  I'm nothing but in love with color.  The more the merry I say!

And of course the LOVE pillow needed to rest on the leather chair closest to my Anna Maria shrine, because this is the corner of my house that I love the most.

Do you have any fun Valentine's Day decor to share??


Cher said...

Absolutely adorable!!!!

cheeriBABY said...

LOVE the pillows!! You are the pillow queen.

Sarah M. said...

LOVE them!! Love the slanted "O". So sentimental too! I may have to make one in honor of my freshman walk to campus.

Annee said...

I love your details. The double layer letters was really a popping good idea :) And that fabric on the back of the "LOVE" pillow is totally awesome. Worth having a zipper in the middle of the pillow for that! What is that fabric?

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