Monday, February 28, 2011

More celebrating of my BOY.

It all started last week when I made these cute pants for George.  Then I looked through the shirts that I salvaged from the Italian's giveaway pile, and decided that I could make George some new dress slacks with some old dress shirts.

These shirts to be exact.

The Italian wasn't too sure about the color of these pants, but I think my little boy was the best dressed at church today.  I mean I am a little biased, but I'm pretty positive you'd agree he looks cute.

I used the same concept that I learned from making Anna Maria Horner's Quick Change Trousers, so they are completely reversible.  Maybe George will wear these pants next week for a whole new look.  I used the AMH pattern as my guide, but I used the pattern pieces I made last Thursday.

I also added a little whale on the left leg because as I told you before my last name in Italian means "whale."  I wish I'd put the whale a little higher up on the leg, but my boy was asleep when I was sewing these pants, so I had to do some guess work.  Next time I'll know.

Grace joined George in wearing a handmade outfit to church today.  She sported her Bow Shirt and Pleated Skirt.

Grace really likes to model.  Hopefully she can pass along all her good poses to George.

I love that these pants were dressy enough for church, but cozy enough to play in.  I think that was George's favorite part too.

I'm loving celebrating my BOY.  I still have some more shirts waiting to be reused, so we'll see what the week holds.  My mom is here visiting and she has lots of requests, so who knows what's up next!


Annee said...

Wow! George is getting so many great new pants these days. What a lucky little guy. He sure makes an excellent model! Makes me wish my boys were just a little bit litterer :) I don't think they'd wear such pants to church anymore, but I think they are perfect on your little George!!

Can't wait to see what is up next. I'm living vicariously...

Adam Heder said...

So cute! You will definitely have to teach me! GEorge looks adorable! We love him too!

Kevin and Kristina said...

darling! what inspired the whale on the bottom? too cute,

Liz said...

Thank you for all the kind comments!!

Kristina, Balena in Italian means whale. So, I have a feeling you will see the little whale popping up on all sorts of things I make for George and my new little boy.

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