Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Curtain

I'm in my nesting stage of pregnancy, and I don't have a nursery to set up, so I've taken to organizing and beautifying my sewing space.

I saw this cute quilt that Annee made many months ago, and I've seen the style of quilt in countless places, and I've loved it for a long while.  I've also been wondering what I'm going to do with these cute fabrics,

and then I realized I should turn them into zig zags and make a curtain.  I used the Zig Zag Quilt tutorial from Purl Bee to make my zig zags.

Simple enough, right?  Just know that probably my favorite part of the creating process is the idea and then the gathering of materials.  In my case that tends to be putting fabrics together.  That's like the first 1/2 hour of any project, and then I have hours and hours of the creative process to make the vision come to life.  It's always worth it in the end, but this project made my admiration for quilters quadruple!

This curtain in my opinion is stunning just because of all the mistakes that I made and fixed along the way, and the fact that it looks so nice now makes me so happy.

Here's what the curtains looked like before:

And now:

I love it.  I used my Simple Pottery Barn Style Curtain tutorial.  I've also done minimal stitching on the curtain panel, so that one day when I move out of this house or get tired of the curtain, I can turn it into a quilt.  I wouldn't want to waste all my hard work.

My sewing space doubles as a guest room (triples as the laundry room), and I've got another house guest coming in a week.  This project was completed just in time!  Oh, and this was my WIP.  Technically not a quilt, but I guess one day it could be.


Annee said...

Oh friend! It's beautiful. Completely beautiful. How can you not want to sew everyday when you have something so beautiful keeping you company?! Love it!! I know what a long and painful process that zig zag quilt can be. Your determination is admirable!

Doug said...

Bravo Liz, it looks fantastic!! So glad you finished it!! The style of it totally works.

Adam Heder said...

That is awesome! I love it! Wow, I feel so unproductive ... note to self: stop blog-stalking right after having a baby!
Seriously, it's beautiful, throw quilting night onto the pile and sign me up! Love it!

Adam Heder said...

sorry that was me--Diana

cheeriBABY said...

Very very cute!! Good work!

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