Friday, February 18, 2011

A Welcome Banner

My mom comes in town a week from tomorrow.  I've spruced up her room as seen here and here, and next I needed to make a Welcome Banner.  I had one, but when Sarah and my niece came in town, I couldn't find it, so it was a perfect excuse to make a new one.

I went with the fabric banner style that Annee uses quite often.  I make my rectangles 5 inches by 7 inches.  The font I used was Arial blown up to 350 pt.  To make this style of fabric banner, I simply cut 7 rectangles for the front and 7 for the back.  I then cut my letters out of felt.  First I sewed all my letters to the rectangles and then I sewed the rectangle together right side to right side.  Flipped them right side out, ironed them, and then attached them to the bias tape.

Not to complicated.  However, I decided to make this a double sided banner which had a word on both sides.  The tricky part, or rather the huge mistake that I made and didn't realize it until I sewed everything to the bias tape, is that you have to match up the rectangles with one side spelled forward and one side spelled backward.  See above picture.  My last name is spelled forward, and Welcome is spelled backward.  My seam ripper really is my best friend when I sew!

I think this banner should be read *Welcome* to the *Balena House*.  I used this tutorial to make the little house.  I hope my house guest likes it!


Annee said...

I made the exact same mistake when I made my reversible banner a few years ago! It's the worst kind of mistake. Love your end result though. Well worth the effort.

Sarah M. said...

How tragic! I hate unpicking, but it must be done. I like the double sided idea.

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