Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

I sew in my laundry room.  It's not even a room, but an area off of the kitchen that is approximately 50 square feet.  In that space I have a washer, a dryer, all the dirty clothes hampers for the house, AND all my sewing stuff.  My space might be small, but I am really just grateful to have a space at all.  A week or so ago, I stumbled across this cute wall hanging.  I liked the idea of a Scrappy Spool hanging in my area and really there is no other place in the house where it could go.  From that little idea I've decided to make some changes in my sewing room.  Hopefully there will be more changes soon.  I'll keep you posted!

I found the perfect fabric for the back, and even though you can't see the back where it's hanging, I still thought it was totally perfect.  I first saw this fabric on Annee's Tuesday Pillow, and then I found in at JoAnn's in their clearance fabric section $6/yd with an additional 50% off.  It was a must have for the stash.

Here's a peak of my Scrappy Spool in my creative space.  This is a view from the kitchen.  And, yes I totally cleaned up this area before taking a picture.  It almost looks too nice to be a work area.

Now I'm just wondering if I want to mess up my space or just admire it for a day.  What to do??


Annee said...

Now, I want one. Thanks a lot. I love your towel solution. What is it?

Liz said...

I used a dowel that I got from JoAnn's that was probably 1 yard long. It cost 99 cents. Then I sawed it down to the size I needed. I also bought the round circles that go on the ends of the dowel at JoAnn's. My solution was slightly more expensive than finding a stick outside, but still well under $3. Those are my kind of solutions!!!

Cate said...

swoon! did you get right down to sewing or just admire? i think i would have to get right in there.

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