Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Shirt, New Pants

It's Celebrate the Boy Month, and I decided that George needed to be celebrated hear at MOM a little.  I mean the poor kid rarely gets handmade things from me.  He was due a treat from me!

Earlier this week the Italian was going to get ride of a knit shirt that I've always liked, but he's never liked the fit.  I told him I'd keep it, and yesterday I was hit with inspiration.  I thought they'd make cute, comfortable pants.  

So, I took a pair of George's pants that fit him and traced a front leg and a back.

Then I cut the Italian's shirt in half (front and back pieces).

Folded each half right sides together and then cut two front leg pieces and two back leg pieces.

Match front leg curved center seam right side together and sew with 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Then serge.  If you don't have a serger you can zig zag stitch and trim the excess seam allowance, OR if you are using knit like I did, you can just trim the extra seam allowance.  Knit doesn't fray like quilter cotton.  Repeat this to the back leg curved center seam.

Then sew outer legs together.

And inner legs.

I finished each leg cuff by serging them.  You could just leave them cut if you use knit because like I said it doesn't fray.

Then I serged the top of the pants to make an elastic casing for the waistband, and folded down the top of the pants an inch wrong side together.  Sewed all around the casing leaving a 2 inch open to put the elastic in.  Then sew the elastic together and close the opening.  (Sorry there are no pictures!!!  George was too excited to put his new pants on.)

And, the final product

is so cute if you ask me.  

This stripes don't match up perfectly.  I would have tried harder if I had bought new fabric off a bolt, but I had limited fabric from the old shirt, so I had to go with it.  I also had to be okay with the logo showing on the back bottom leg.  It is my husband's favorite store, so I'm okay with it and I think he will be too!

George was so excited that he got new pants, and even more excited that they came from his dad's old shirt.

I think the pants kind of have a nautical look to them, and they also look so comfy.  Lounge wear for my little boy.  I love it.

Grace was a wee bit jealous.  She asked me if I could make her a pair of new pants out of an old shirt of her dad's.  I reminded her I just made her a new bow shirt and skirt.  

George just ran and ran around in his new pants.  I've got several more shirts that were about to be donated that I've stashed, and now I've got all sorts of ideas of things to make for my BOYS!!

Have a good weekend!  Sew on friends!  Sew on!

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