Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Yard Wonder: Pleated Skirt

I found these adorable tights at Target on sale for $2.74.  As I stood in Target contemplating whether or not Grace needed another pair of tights I started going over in my head what she would wear with them.  We have a plethora of pink clothing in this house, but purple doesn't seem to be all that popular.  Then it hit me that I could just sew her up a little number that would go with the tights.  I mean you can't pass up tights that are only $2.74!!

I was going to go with a different fabric from my stash that had purple in it, but my new Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric kept calling my name.  I've been so nervous to cut into it, because I don't have much of it. In the end, I told myself I could use the fabric so long as I used a pattern I knew I could make work.

I've made the pleated skirt from the One Yard Wonder book once before, and it is super easy and doesn't disappoint.  The only variation I made from the pattern was adding a second fabric below the rick rack.  I thought it was a nice way to get some extra color in the outfit.  An outfit can never have too much color as far as I'm concerned!

I did end up needing to add an extra pleat in the front (there are only supposed to be 4, but Grace's skirt has 5), but you would never know that unless I told you or you wrote the pattern or you've sewn the pattern.  I'm pretty positive this was my error, but I'm not too sad about it.

I also didn't hand stitch waist casing closed like the instruction say to because I don't have that kind of patience late at night especially on a simple skirt.

And, if you have this book and make this skirt, the one critique I have about that pattern is how they tell you to add the embellishment.  I add my embellishment (in this skirt the rick rack) before I sew up the front of the skirt to the back, so you don't see the start and finish of where I added the rick rack.  The pattern tells you to wait until after the skirt is completed and as the last step you can add the embellishment.  I guess it comes down to personal preference.

If you read MOM yesterday day, you'd know that I made The Bow Shirt (and tutorial) to go with this skirt.  Sorry for the big tease.  But The Bow Shirt is pretty awesome if you ask me, and so is the Pleated Skirt, so I thought they deserved two separate posts.

Sorry for the dirty fountain in the background, but I was too consumed with this hilarious pose to see that when I snapped the shot.

While this skirt is very simple, my love affair with Anna Maria Horner's fabrics continue as I think this skirt is so much fancier with her beautiful fabric.  I totally *heart* Innocent Crush and my little model!

And now you've seen the complete look.  It's an early night here at MOM West Coast.  I haven't sewn anything, and I'm contemplating going to bed before 10:30 p.m.  My doctor would approve and probably the Italian would too!


Annee said...

Awesome! I saw those tights at Target too. But likewise knew that we didn't have anything for them to go with. Should have known better!

The fabric choice can't be beat!!

Rachel said...

I love the whole outfit, the fabric choice was excellent.

Sarah M. said...

That outfit totally rocks. I do love that fabric. Thanks for the bow tutorial with the PDF too. You guys need to be DISCOVERED! such a great inspirational blog.

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