Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Monday Morning

I hope you enjoyed a preview of spring wherever you lived, this past weekend.  We sure did.  Not only was the weather gorgeous, we also enjoyed some fun house guests.  My sister-in-law Ie Li came with her three kids.  Her tax CPA husband, my brother, is way too busy doing taxes to be much fun right now.  We were happy to entertain her and her three little ones for a few days.  She's a seamstress as well!  She's even taken the coveted sewing 101 class at BYU.  I had lots of fun sharing the sewing garage with her for a few nights last week.  She got down to work on Simplicity 2825 and went home with a nearly complete Easter dress for one of her girls (sadly no pictures).  I got down to work on the red-thread mini skirt, because I couldn't think of anything else I had to do (wink!).  

When Jane woke up Friday morning, she was thrilled to have a new skirt to wear to school.  She has already told me to make sure and get it washed and back in her closet for "Patrick's Day" next week  (They are 6 now!  When will they be able to remember that it's St. Patrick's day).  She and sister Ruby say they both want four leaf clover shirts to wear on the big day.  I'm not sure that's a worthwhile use of a white t-shirt.  It's an awfully short lived holiday, don't you agree??

Back to the skirt.  Here it is:

Of course I lengthened it.  When in kindergarten, I'm not sure a mini-skirt is necessary.  Not that it's terribly mini, but with all that sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce, and all, I just decided a few extra inches and capri length leggings underneath are more realistic for school day wear.

It's a darling skirt.  I loved making it.  Loved that it was done in under two hours.  Loved how it looked on Jane.  I'll definitely be making more soon.  Thanks for the hot tip Liz.  Another great pattern discovered!

What about the fabric you ask?  Well, that's a little piece of something I picked up when Liz and I were in Seoul together last year.  So happy to have found the perfect project to use with it.  I went back and forth on the pockets.  Didn't know if they should be contrasting or the same.  In the end, I could not resist that yellow stripe.  I *heart* it so.


Anonymous said...

How fun to have a sewing partner. I love the skirt....totally adorable! If you have time come on over to and consider becoming a follower. You picked up a new fan!


Sarah M. said...

Cute Annee.. The fit of that skirt pattern is just perfect.

Liz said...

Love it, and love the yellow stripped pockets. I couldn't decide if I wanted my pockets to be out of a different fabric, but I've been convinced that I need to make a new skirt! Thanks!

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