Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two dresses for two girls, on the 2nd of January.

On Thursday, it sounded fun to start a pair of dresses for the Ladies to wear to church on Sunday.  These things always sound fun on Thursday.  But Santa put Simplicity pattern #2825 in my stocking on Christmas, so I had to use it to show him I was grateful!

I thought I remembered that my past Simplicity patterns ran huge.  I opted to sew this one up in a size 5.  As per usual, I extended the length down to the size 7 line.  I think it's very close to the perfect fit.  The ladies complained a bit about the neck being a bit snug.  I have some ideas on how to improve that, should I go back for round 3 and 4.  I'm thinking...a ballet/boat neck.  Wouldn't that be cute?! 

They wanted to add the ribbons.  Had I had more time, I would have ventured out to the store for the perfect shades to match.  I didn't have that time.  So, we had to make do with what we had.  Their dad thinks that if the ribbons are going to be included, belt loops should be added.  I think he's right.  That's a fairly easy fix.  My girls wanting to add ribbons reminded me of reading Jane Austen novels, when the girls in that period were always going into town to buy a bit of ribbon to tie onto their dresses.  Such a quaint concept picturing it as their version of buying a new t-shirt at Target. 

I didn't love the fabric selections this time around.  In fact, I nearly thought I had ruined the project with these fabrics.  But the girls LOVED their fabric choices.  I'm trying to be accomoadting, and help involve them in the process.  It surely helps ensure that the finished garment will be well loved.

We all three loved how twirly the skirt was.  It is so perfectly full and round, it's darling! 

What drama queens.  This pose was completely their idea.  Such actors!  All in all, I'm super impressed with this pattern.  But, to be fair, I would not attempt it as your first foray into dress pattern reading.  I think the instructions had a total of 11 steps.  But there really should have been more detail.  I had to fill in a lot of missing steps.    

A pair of zippers.  Usually I can't stand to look at my zipper job.  I honestly felt like I improved this time, so that's a step in the right direction for me!

Couldn't resist this shot of Ruby with her barcelets.  Aunt Rachel gave them to her for Christmas, and they were the perfect accessory for the outfit today!

One last sewing note, I did alter the sleeves to make them the favorite 3/4 length.  The pattern is for a long sleeved dress.  But when they tried it on like that, there was something about it that was "not quite right" in my opinion.  The 3/4 length was the most incredible subtle improve. 

Nor could I resist this picture of the rain drop on the winter berry.   It spoke to me of the beauty of God's great creation.

After their lengthy photo shoot, the Ladies really wanted a picture of their seamstress smelling their fake rose.  I've said it before, I am nothing, if not accommodating (wink!).

Nothing like kicking off 2011 with a pair of dress for my two favorite girls!  I already finished my next project for 2011 as well.  I'll build the anticipation a little by telling you that, it's a tutorial!!  Just finished downloading all 84 pictures.  Now comes the fun part of sifting through, editing, and annotating.  Are you jealous?  You will be when you see what I made!  Come back soon.

Happy New Year.  It could be huge! 


Cajunrose said...

Beautiful dresses!!! I'm no good at those kinds of patterns. Give me a PDF that I can pick apart and email the designer if I should need to do that and I'm good. You did a fantastic job!

Stephensens Rock said...

Annee I didn't know you were contributing to another blog! Love the pictures, and the dresses, and seeing you and the girls again! You are such an inspiration, I can't wait to go to Target to buy a new t-shirt! :)

Liz said...

The dresses are darling!! Thank you for all the pictures of the ladies showing off their new ensembles. I love the added ribbon, and if I try the dress I definitely like the 3/4 length sleeve. Genius on your part!

Thank you for pictures of the winter berries! Gorgeous. As is the seamstress!

Sarah M. said...

Great Job Annee!! I found the same thing with simplicity patterns, they need to be narrower in the bodice and longer in length. I love the girls accessorizing. They are beauties!

flori said...

yay! Simplicity patterns are on sale this week at Hobby Lobby--i will have to run get this one to try. It turned out so cute! I'm looking forward to the tutorial too--I hope it's what I think it is!!!

Adam, Jaci, Grant and Grace said...

Love the dresses! Did u make the big red flower on the headband... If so r u willing to tell how

Annee said...

Jaci- My sister-in-law made that headband. We all love it very much. I borrowed it one night when I went out, and my girls were totally jealous that I was wearing their headband! I've sent in a request to her to see if she wants to show us all how. I'll keep you posted!

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