Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Blanket for Little Bear

After I finished sewing the Picket Fence Pillow Top example last night, I left my night's work on the table in the kitchen.  When Grace woke up this morning she found it and wanted to know what it was.  She was wondering if I'd made it for her.  I told her it was part of a pillow, and she seemed a little disappointed that it wasn't something for her.  Not that she needs anything, but when I saw she was a little bummed it got me thinking.  I mean I don't need another Picket Fence Pillow, so what could I turn it into that a little girl would get excited about.

I decided on a mini blanket for her Little Bear.  I chose a fabric for the back, quilted everything together, and then used my sewing machine to add the quilt binding.  

Grace was so excited.  Unfortunately, George felt a little left out.  I had him choose some fabric, and I told him I'd make his Blue Bear a blanket.  Looking at his face in this picture I'm not sure how I can go to sleep without making him a little blanket.

I must get back to George's mini blanket so I can rest easy tonight!!  I'm almost done!

Is anyone else up late sewing???


Annee said...

I wish sewing is why I was up late! This post reminded me how much it means to our daughters that we sew. Thank you.

Jana said...

poor george. :(

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