Friday, January 14, 2011

One Yard Wonders: Folklore Bag

I think Annee and I both bought a copy of One Yard Wonders at the beginning of last year.  We made several things like this and this and this and this.  It was a hot book when we first got it.  The concept is awesome, but because they tried to put 101 different projects in the book each project only got a page or two for instructions and illustrations.  No big deal if you have some experience sewing, but if you are still learning how to sew this book will challenge your sewing skills.  Challenging your skills isn't a bad thing, but just something to be aware of!

 One of our favorite sewing projects in the book is the Folklore Bag.  The shape, size and style of the bag is perfect.  My all time favorite Folklore Bag that's been made between Annee and me is this one.    Last time I saw Annee she was carrying this bag.  I'd seen it in pictures, but seeing it in person I had a little bag envy.

I've worked with the Young Women at my church and one of them recently went to college.  Before she went, she wanted to learn to sew.  I started to help her, but we both had limited time, so she ended up cutting out her own Folklore Bag, but she never got to sew it.  I decided that I'd sew it for her, and mail it to her at school.  College kids love mail, right?!

I added some yellow striped fabric as a pocket on the inside.  I'm hoping to use the rest of the yellow striped fabric to make myself a Bow Bag following Annee's tutorial!  Maybe that will be my project for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Do you have any plans for sewing this weekend?  


Annee said...

I totally love the surprise yellow striped pocket. That's so perfect. That is by far the best pattern in the whole book! Makes me feel like I should make a new one?!

cheeribaby said...

Love this darling bag! I always have plans for sewing! I bought some Dr Seuss fabric that I plan on making some pillowcases with over the weekend.

Sarah M. said...

How funny, I'm in the middle of making one with that exact fabric right now. The bottom half is black corduroy though (a custom order). Love that fabric!

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