Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Yard Wonders: Pleated Girly Skirt

This project was so simple and so fast. Just the way I like them!

I lengthened the size 4T skirt by an inch and next time I'll probably widen it as well. Or maybe next time I might just try to do a zipper on the side seam. This isn't a twirly skirt, so there isn't a lot of give in the waistband, and I think I could figure out a zipper. I can't be to hard, right?

If you make this skirt, and if you haven't used an embellishment in a skirt or dress before, you may want to disregard the instructions in the book. The pattern says to attach your rickrack or ribbon or whatever else at the very end. Out of 8 steps, it was the 8th step. I put my rickrack on before step 3 which is right after you finish cutting everything out. I attached my rickrack to the front skirt and then to the back skirt, and then I sewed both panels together. Just a hot tip from me!

The last change I made to the Pleated Skirt was I just topstitched the waistband closed. I was supposed to slipstitch/blind stitch it close. I didn't have the patience today to hand stitch the waistband, so it got a cute topstitch instead!

I also chose my fabric to coordinate with a cute sweater Grace has but doesn't wear as often as I'd like her to. Hopefully a cute polka dot skirt will do the trick!

In other news, I made two new pillows. That sentence doesn't do my pillows justice. It probably should have been typed in all caps. Doing two pillows at once was just a little time consuming. Just a little. I'm very happy both are done, and I'm mostly happy with them.

The Applique Tree Pillow is a link on our side bar, and if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the tutorial you will see a flower pillow made in the same style as the Tree Pillow. I tried to replicate the flower. When I asked my husband to tell me what was on the pillow he said, "An explosion." I guess maybe it does look like an explosion. Whatever it looks like it's sitting on one of my leather chairs as I type this, and it is staying there! It took me hours to sew around each of those petals!!

This was a great use of scraps, and I found it exciting to dig through my ever growing supply of scraps remembering what I'd made with all the fabric.

I used the Put a Zipper in a Pillow tutorial again. (See sidebar.) Love that tutorial. Amy Butler Daisy Chains and Alexander Henry Birdseed completed the backs of my pillows.

That's a wrap friends! I'm off to bed early tonight!


Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

Nice work!

Annee said...

Beautiful pillows!! I was laughing about what John said. Sounds about like what Darin would say.

Nice job on the skirt. Your version is super cute! I like the ric rac. The whole outfit reminds me so happily of spring. Sigh.

Why ruin a simple skirt with hand sewing, is what I say!! It looks adorable.

Sarah M. said...

Wow!! you've been busy, girl!! I hope Grace has a little more desire to wear that cute sweater now. Does she follow definitions of what goes with what?? Mer never would...still doesn't. Those pillows are so great. Love all the different fabric scraps.

E J said...

Cute skirt! Got the book and that's one of the first things I want to make from it. Have you seen these two skirt tutorials yet? I've made the second one and it is so simple!



E J said...

oops - just saw on your tried and trues that you've already made the lazy days skirt

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