Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some days I get sew carried away...

I don't think this pillow was on my "to-do" list today (or any time in the near future). I'm sure my list had things on it like, "make valentines", "finish birthday outfits", "do laundry", but all of that was scraped for THIS:

And so, probably tomorrow I shouldn't be allowed to touch my sewing machine. According to one list, I was a dismal failure today. But according to my own personal assessment of happiness, today was a total success! Because, I made THIS pillow, and dinner, and a to-die-for chocolate cake. Apparently, I was in the mood to make things today. Things that were somewhat unnecessary, but at the same time completely essential. Know what I mean?!

I saw this quilt on Flickr probably over the summer, and I've been thinking of it ever since. I'm not a "real" quilter. Everything I do with quilting I've figured out on my own. But, I have big dreams, and big ideas that someday I too could make art out of quilts. In the mean time, you have to start somewhere. I've been wanting to try to figure out how to make these little houses for a while. A quick google search led me to two very valuable basic tutorials (see side bar here), and from there, the rest is pillow history!

What's on the back you ask?? Thank you for asking, probably my favorite Alexander Henry fabric of all of 2009. When I saw it, the whole bolt was sitting in front of me, and since I didn't have a clue what I would do with it, I bought only one yard to come home and think about further purchases. By the time I went back to get more, IT WAS GONE (and surely that is part of why I love it so much, because it became impossible to find)! I've been waiting to use it somewhere, and think I found the perfect place...

And a zipper of course, because who can resist the "how to put a zipper in a pillow" tutorial?! It's the most genius tutorial you might ever stumble across.

I have only one pillow left before I have replaced every single decorative pillow that I moved to Korea with. The only problem now is, how can I top this one, or my most current, little row of house love?!

So anyway, maybe that's a big deal to make about a simple throw pillow (but seriously I could probably say more), the day before today, Darin suggested that I not be allowed to buy any more fabric until the sewing/laundry room was presentable again. Before I got too offended at his comment, I did some serious introspection and saw, he had a point.

To prove my love to him (or was it so that I could buy more fabric?), here's what I've managed so far (oh yeah, and I wasn't working alone, thanks Darin!!):

(Liz, I forgot to get a picture of my new Ikea scrap bin. It might be the thing that started the whole renovation. It really does deserve a post of it's own.)

Darin taught me that in order to do it correctly, EVERYTHING had to be removed. Honestly without him I simply wouldn't have had it in me to do it so thoroughly. But because of him, it's done thoroughly and it is making all the difference. I feel like I can breath again! So really, the pillow is like a celebratory pillow, right?!

And finally, I leave you with one birthday outfit almost done. The shirt is stumping me. I don't think I like it how it is. So I'm appealing to you my blogging, sewing, or otherwise friends, do you think it's working, or should it be changed? I was wondering if the cupcake holder should be a solid color? Maybe out of felt? Seriously, does anyone have any thoughts?

(The skirt is my version of the patch work skirt from the spring/summer "Stitch" magazine. It's the second time I've made it, and I have to say it's a great pattern, but only if you have a serger. Each and every seam on the back side is serged! That's a lot of serging. )

So that's what's been keeping me busy for the past three days.


Liz said...

Wow. You've been busy!

The Tree Pillow is stunning. A masterpiece really. Great work. I'm glad it got put the top of the list.

I love the newly organized sewing/laundry room. You should outsource Darin. Has he thought of being a Professional Organizer?

As for the birthday outfit, if it were in my sewing room I'd call it done. I love the pom-pom fringe! If you feel it is too busy, then you could just use a solid color on the bottom, but personally I think little girls can pull off busy things!

Liz said...

It's early...if you think the shirt is too busy then you could use a solid color for the bottom of the cupcake. Sorry, I just read over my comment.

And, how tragic that the owl fabric is now gone. Maybe a Korean miracle will bring it back.

earnestendeavors said...

Darin should be a Professional Organizer!!! Everything alphabatized, etc...your laundry/sewing room is beautiful.

I love the cupcakes - I love the "5" candle. I love the whole thing! I love seeing what you've made every few days. Thanks for all the great ideas (even though I don't have time to make any of them) although I know I wouldn't like them nearly as much as I like yours.

NicoleD said...

What a sweet hubby to help you organize! The pillow turned out so cute. You create some amazing things!

I think the cupcake looks cute, but if you feel like changing it, I think a cute little tone-on-tone stripe would be cute.

Sarah said...

So great to see your organized sewing room. I'm always curious how other people pull it off. I Love the house pillow,it's such a great shape, and agree that it is pretty hard to beat that pretty patchwork one you made a while ago. About the birthday outfit, I love the cupcake fabric you have in that skirt. If you are not already done with the shirt. You might try copying one of the cupcakes in the fabric or do two solid colors on top and leave the cute polkadot bottom. Then you could stitch a little flower or sprinkle embellishment on the ice cream. Solids for the ice cream might calm the "busy"ness down. I absolutely love the 5 candle and flame. You are creative!

Annee said...

Seriously, thanks for the suggestions. I put it away all day long yesterday, so maybe I will re-visit it with some of these new ideas.

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