Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Last Christmas Present.

I knew I wanted to make something special for Liz for Christmas.  But what do you make for the girl who can make herself anything?! 

Well, I'm not sure whether I guessed right or not, but I do know that I made her something that I've always wanted, but never indulged in the time to make it.  I attempted to make her a new strap for her Canon SLR camera. 

I followed the Patchwork Camera Strap tutorial from the "Crap I've Made" blog.  I was feverishly working on my strap the weekend before Christmas, hoping it would still arrive in time for Christmas (it didn't).  I was running into a few snags with sewing through the layers of leather, and fabric, plus interfacing.  I was breaking needles and getting frustrated.  I was 98% sure that my machine was going to die along the way.  In desperation I emailed Char from Crap I've Made, and to my utter amazement, she emailed me back promptly with suggestions and tips.  It made my day!  Once again a moment that reminded me how terribly generous and wonderful this online community of crafters is. 

The best part of getting to make this strap by far was a good excuse to cut into the new Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric I had bought, with Liz's present in mind.

The camera strap didn't actually take very much fabric to make.  I still have generous quantities of all the fabrics left.  Now I just need to get brave enough to cut it all up in order to make THIS

Good night.


Liz said...

I love love love my camera strap!!! We went to the city yesterday and I proudly walked around with my camera around my neck showing off my new strap. Thank you for the perfect gift!!

I also just got my stack of Anna Maria's Innocent Crush in the mail yesterday. It's gorgeous!!

Cherie said...

Thanks for the tutorial link! Can't wait to make one, too :)

Sarah M. said...

Wow Annee, That's beautiful. Sigh...those fabrics!

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