Monday, August 29, 2011

The Baby Shower Committee

This past weekend, I was part of a Baby Shower Committee.

(I hope you are laughing when you read that word.  It sounds very official, our committee was substantially less official.  Mostly it means no single person had too much to do.  That is the most awesome way to throw any party.)

Some of my responsibilities included
-Drink Dispenser

I like to believe that I performed my duties to the very best of my abilities...

Rather than going over the top with a theme, I simply went with a color palette.

Our guest of honor is having a little boy so my yarn wreath was able to get put to use!

The joy of party throwing via committee is that all of that beautiful food came from other people!  I only provided the lemon bars, which you should probably make today.  

These are the best lemon bars you will ever make or eat.  I promise.

Another joy of party throwing is the residual benefit of leftover fresh flowers scattered around the house.

Check out those mini cups with individual servings of mushroom risotto!  Delicious.

It was such a fun party.  I had a blast making my felt circle garland and little strands of bunting.  The best part of my color palette is that I think these decorations will work quite nicely come Easter.

My little Ruby is already dreaming of the next baby shower we can host, when it's for a little girl.  She has visions of tulle and pink.  Sounds lovely...

Of course, a little something for the little man himself.  I could not resist the opportunity to make another pair of quick-change trousers, with my favorite elephant onsie to go with it:


NicoleD said...

So fun! I love the mason jars with the ribbon tied around them! I think you girls almost have me convinced I need to make a pair of those trousers for my little guy!

Liz said...

So much stuff to love in this post...

I agree with Nicole the mason jars with matching ribbons and straws are so cute and simple.

Love the "Oh Boy" wreath!! I need to make a pinwheel.

Love the color scheme.

Love the felt circle garland. Probably I need some just to spice up my life.

Love, love the Quick Change Trouser. Henry has worn his a ton, and I will for sure be making him some more.

I also love the addition of the Ikea yellow and white striped fabric and the green and white striped fabric. I'm not sure what I'd do with those fabrics, but my Ikea has discontinued them, and I kind of feel like that is a crime.

What a lovely shower. Genius idea to have a committee.

Off to do pick up duty!

Sarah said...

What a pretty baby shower. I love the idea of the wreath hanging on the mirror. And the garland... and I could go on and on. Makes me want to throw a party and decorate a bit. Thanks for posting it!!

Heather E. said...

Oh that was so fun seeing everyone again! That must've been for Melissa. I love how Louise is a fixture at all baby showers in that ward. Oh that looked so fun and you guys did an awesome job!

Melissa said...

Every detail of the shower was so perfect! When the baby comes I'll have to send you pictures of him in his cute little outfit. I am seriously so excited to see him in those pants!

Candice said...

I have two questions ladies. First, how do you make a cute pinwheel like that? Second, how much time to make the trousers? I adore them, and I think I need them, but totally depends on the time investment. Also, is the pattern just in the book, or is it separate anywhere?

Liz said...

Candice! So I'm not sure how Annee made the pinwheel, but here's a tutorial I found that looks like it produces the same results.

As for the pants, once you've traced the template, and cut the fabric, you could honestly sew the pants in an hour. They are QUICK change trousers for a reason. I say you really need to try them since you are having another little boy! Unfortunately, the pattern, as far as I know, is only in the book. But, it's an Anna Maria Horner book which means it's worth it!

mackyton said...

Arrangements done are out of the world! Colors used are sober and making the pictures eye catching as well. My friend is planning a birthday party for her sister and dad on same day. Suggested her lovely venue NYC in the heart of the city. Arrangements are all pending but she is sure about the baking department.

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