Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Stuff

This past weekend was jammed packed full of birthday fun for Grace.  She was so excited for honestly a year about this birthday and the party.  I worked and worked to make the day special, and I'd say for having had a baby 2 months ago, I pulled off a pretty darn good day for this little one.

Sadly, I don't feel like she is so little any more, but I'm going to call her a little one until she's taller than me. (Which won't be long because I'm short!)

For the special occasion, I did manage to create a birthday outfit.  It only took three days to make, but it got done, so I'm not complaining.  

First up Grace got a fancy crown with jewels.  She requested jewels which made me so happy because they got to be hot glued on.  This saved me a lot of sewing and time.

She's sported a Circle Skirt.  Thank you, Dana, for such a great tutorial.  This was such an easy skirt. It does require a bit of fabric considering it's a skirt, but still the look is so darling, so it was worth the extra fabric!

And a birthday shirt was a must.  I kept it very simple.  Sewing still needs to be simple around here if I want to finish anything. 

The whole look was so cute that she wore it on her birthday (Friday), and then I washed it so she could wear it to her party on Saturday.

The party was a huge success, but my all time favorite part of the party, was my new Birthday Wreath.  Have you seen these??

I found the idea on Pinterest, and just knew that I had to have one.  It's a pretty simple concept and simple wreath to make - 14" straw wreath with wrapper left on, 250+ balloons, and straight pins.  There were several tutorials that suggested using floral pins.  May I suggest that unless you foresee a balloon emergency in your future (the floral pins don't puncture the balloons like the straight pins), then just use regular sewing pins.  Like these:

Trust me.  I used both, and the straight pins were by far easier to use then the floral pins.  I also only covered the front part of the wreath with balloons.  No need to bother pinning on the back because no one is seeing it, and 250 balloons is enough balloons to buy don't you think?

This wreath is currently my favorite wreath.  So sad that we just ended our birthday season at this house.  We don't have another birthday until April.  Anyone need to borrow the cutest darn birthday wreath ever?!  

Oh, and the *G* was found in a clearance table at Michael's for $.79.  I thought it was a nice touch for Grace's birthday, but it is easy to remove.

Later this week I might have another simple outfit for you.  Sorry, but nothing too exciting and labor intensive is coming out of MOM West Coast for a bit.  I'm sure you understand!


Annee said...

The wreath is to-die-for! I should bust one put before our birthday season begins in October!

The circle skirt really turned out cute. I'm sure Grace will continue to wear it a lot, which always makes the time spent worthwhile.

I wish I could say things were hopping over here but until these kids are off to school, I'm just too consumed. Things are raking me three days at minimum as well.

Sarah said...

Oh I love that cute birthday girl outfit. And the Balloon wreath is so cool!!! Jack's b-day is coming up. I'm going to make it. What a great idea to put a letter in the middle. I think a number would work too. Looks like grace had an awesome birthday bash!

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