Sunday, October 16, 2011

The $7.50 Dress

Maybe you've seen THIS little number from Shabby Apple?!

I tried to make something similar for $7.50:

There are two different tutorials out there if you want to follow one.  I found the one from "Craftiness is not Optional" to be a little more useful.  I liked her flower technique.  Here's that LINK.

Feel free to compare it to the tutorial from "Sewing in No Mans Land", HERE.

I was sad I didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt on my dress using the circle skirt technique, a la Dana...

I found my purple polka dot fabric on the remnant table at JoAnn's.  Ultimately I didn't feel like it was ever worth going back and spending $10 per yard more, when I had gotten this yard for less than $5!  

The only major difference between my dress and the two tutorials linked up there is that I decided to integrate my waist band into the construction of the bodice.  They both added it on-top of the dress, after they had attached the skirt.  I see that the advantage to that is that you don't have such a long bodice.  But I liked the clean construction of having all those layered sewn together in sequence.  I guess it doesn't really matter which way you'd make it.  

Once again I used the bodice and sleeve pieces from the Oliver & S Jump Rope dress pattern.  I sure have gotten a lot of use out of that pattern.  I think it goes to show, once you know the basics of dress making, with only a few simple pattern pieces, the sky is the limit!

Next up:

On my birthday I found myself at my local fabric shop.  I walked out with half-yard cuts of the following fabrics:

(isn't it cute how the lady folded them?!)

Now to decide what to make with it.  I think I used to know what I wanted to make.  Now I think I forgot.  I sure love staring at it...


Liz said...

Sew adorable!! What a bargain!

I don't think the circle skirt was necessary. Sure it would have made twirling more fun, but I think the gathered skirt looks a little more sophisticated.

I have that pattern. For some reason I don't think I could use the bodice or sleeve pattern to recreate what you did. You're some what of a dressmaking genius!! :)

And, really you have no idea what you were going to do with those fabrics?? I love the color scheme. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Annee said...

The only reason you might not be able to make a dress with those same pattern pieces is because you are in the sleep deprivation phase of babyhood right now.

Seriously, I don't know exactly what I was thinking when I bought that fabric. Obviously it was meant to be turned into something tremendous. At one point I had visions of some sort of a skirt. But I just can't quite remember anymore!!

Allison said...

I love that you got a bunch of solids with pop. Often, the prints you buy have pop, but I said a little "oooh!" when I saw your little stack of solids.

Thimble Pleasures? I got the same kick out of how they folded my small stack one day.

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