Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bitty Booties

Annee texted me this weekend and asked if I made Henry any baby shoes.  I then remembered that I did indeed make him some Bitty Booties a while back with matching Quick Change Trousers.  I also appliqued a onesie to go with the whole look some time ago.

I took some pictures a while back, but I didn't like my staging.  Just a little too much of the Heart Breaker fabric if you ask me.  Don't you agree??  Not to mention it was upside down.  Not my best picture taking!

So while I was texting Annee, I went and found the Bitty Booties and matching onesie, and did a quick photo shoot just as we were enjoying the very tail end of sunlight for the day.  The Bitty Booties fit perfectly and aren't tight.

And even though Henry didn't really care for them on his feet, he could kick them off.

As I was taking these pictures I started thinking about when I made the Bitty Booties.  Back when I had what felt like more time then I knew what to do with.  A totally different place then I'm in today.  But, besides thinking about all that has changed in the last several months, I thought back to the pattern and the process of sewing them.  These are from the Anna Maria Horner Handmade Beginnings book, and she sets up each chapter so that the first projects are the easiest to sew and the last are the most difficult.  In this book, Anna Maria puts the Bitty Booties before the Quick Change Trousers.  I'm not saying I'm an expert on anything, but having sewn both the Bitty Booties and the QCT I'd have to say the QCT are a wee bit easier than the Bitty Booties.    That my two cents and totally my personal opinion!

Both are equally as cute though, but  neither are as cute as my baby.  Sorry, but no comparison!

Here's to hoping I can sit down at my machine sometime soon.  I have a pillow that is sew waiting for me to finish it already!!


Annee said...

You are Killing me with those baby thighs. Yeah, the booties are totally cute, but that bald baby head is perfection!!

Oh sigh. Why can't I come over and babysit?!

Sarah said...

Adorable as usual.

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