Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthdays galore!

My baby (if you can call him that) turned one on Saturday. I used, for the last time, the felt letters and numbers to mark the special occasion.  I'm excited about putting all the different photos together to make a book or collage.  Well, I'm excited about the finished product.  Going through and finding all the pictures will not be my favorite job.

Since Baby Hank turned one he needed a birthday shirt, and Hank has a BFF that lives on our street and was born just hours before him.  They share a birthday, so I thought baby Ben needed a birthday shirt too.  Hopefully we can get our little one year olds together for a fancy photo shoot.

 For now I only had the modeling skills of my little one to work with.  

Henry also got a name banner to mark his small space in the children's bedroom at our house.

One other birthday shirt also got made minutes before I had to send Grace off to a birthday party this weekend.  I hope the birthday shirts are as popular with friends as they are at our house.  My kids love their personalized shirts.

Because my kids love their personalized shirts, they get worn a lot and the felt tends to start pilling after washing them so much.  If you find yourself in the same predicament, I've discovered a little tip.  Take a brand new disposable shaving razor and gently go over the felt pills.  It's not a perfect solution, but here's the


and the AFTER.

Not too bad.  It doesn't look brand new, but it cleans it up quite nicely.

Next on my sewing To Do List is my Flea Market Fancy quilt idea.  I was struck with inspiration last night, and I'm still feeling excited about my idea today, so tonight I'm hoping to finally start cutting into my FMF stash.  Stay tuned!


Annee said...

Great tip about the piling felt! Love the Henry banner and seeing the Henry blanket :)

Sarah said...

I love the birthday shirts! The star is a great idea. I can't believe the Henry is ONE! Thanks for the tip on the pilling felt. It really does clean it up.

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