Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ice Cream Dress

Summer time has freed me from driving around and dropping my kids off at school and activities, but for some reason I feel busier.  It might be that my baby who is not so much a baby any more is in constant motion.  He's a walking hazard.  Sure he takes naps, but then the big Gs need me and my attention, and well, there's not so much sewing go on these days.  I'm not complaining.  As I look at my little ones practically growing before my eyes, I'm just trying to embrace the busyness.  

However, a week ago I got the urge along with a serge of energy to sew a dress for Grace.  I've now sewn this pattern three times (practice does make perfect), so the dress came together in under 3 hours from cutting to finished stitch.  I used the pattern I used for the Bow Dress.

I used Liesl Gibson's Lisette fabric found at JoAnn's.  I walk past her display all the time at JoAnn's and I've eyed this fabric several times wondering if I liked it or not.  I do.  It's cute, and I think it's perfect for my growing little girl.

I also found a dress in the Mini Boden catalogue that used the extra large rick rack, and I knew I needed to incorporate it into a dress for Grace.

I fully lined the dress.  I've decided this is my favorite way to finish this sleeveless A-line number.  I don't enjoy making bias tape work around the arm holes.  One day when I make another one, I'll show you how I line it.  I'm also getting pretty darn good at zippers.

Of course when you wear an ice cream dress you have to eat ice cream!!  Grace will tell you this was the best photo shoot ever.  George would agree because he too got an ice cream.

 Here's to more summer freedom and more ice cream cones!


Sarah said...

Cute, cute! I love the big ric rac. and how have I not seen that line of fabric in my local store.. Hmmm. I might need to make a trip to look for it. My summer seems busier too this year but in a less pressure type of way if that makes sense. I'm just so thankful there is no homework to fight about. Still have to figure out how to avoid the summer slide. Glad you are getting some sewing in too.

Anonymous said...

Sew cute. I want to use that fabric for my daughter.... I love mini boden, and i save the catalogues for inspiration.

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