Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Small Things

Liz here.  I'm out of my sewing room for a couple of weeks.  Well, I'm out for at least a week while I'm at my house in the South, and then reentry to life at Made on Maple West Coast with 3 kids will probably delay any sewing for at least a week beyond my return to California.  But a break is good for the soul and my sanity.

Before I left on vacation, I whipped up a few simple things.  I also have a dress to share, and if I'm feeling really motivated I'll share it in a couple of days.

First, a couple of simple things.  My kids were in need of some entertainment while on two different flights for our coast to coast journey.  Whether you believe in technology for children or not, I think we can all agree that it can for the most part keep kids quiet and entertained for long stretches at a time.  Both my oldest were going to be "plugged in" for part of our trip, so I made them each an earbud circle pouch to keep their earbuds in.  I also made the strap long enough to be a wrist strap.  Grace loved this addition and wore her pouch like a purse for a day or two before vacation.  

These pouches are so simple and quick to sew.  I highly recommend them.  They also are very handy in keeping up with earbud which I know from experience can get lost very easily.

Next I sewed a Hoot Holder for my iPhone.  I still need to get a case for my iPhone, but I thought a cute Hoot Holder was an essential thing to sew before my sojourn to the South.  I bought a Hoot Holder for Annee from an Etsy shop for Christmas this past year, so the idea isn't mine.  All credit goes to Krista at Frauleinschmidt.

Lastly I made a credit card/ID holder before I set out on my trip.  I carried a backpack on the plane with my Easy Zipper Pouch carrying my essentials, but I've been feeling like I needed quick access to my driver's license and various credit cards.  I don't have a lot of credit cards (only 2) but my credit cards and one debit card are all blue.  That might not sound like that big of a deal, but when you are standing in line to check somewhere it can be slightly frustrating.  I used my frustration as inspiration, and BAM! I got a mini wallet.

I used some leftover Ikea stripes on the outside for some weight, and then cute Anna Maria Horner fabric on the inside for color.  It fits nicely inside my small pouch along with my Hoot Holder and lip gloss and keys.  I should have probably taken a picture of all that together, but I didn't.  Use your imagination!

And that's all for my small things.  Back to vacation for me.  I did bring a quilt to work on while I'm in the South, but so for not too much work has been done on it.  I'll be sure to keep you posted!


Annee said...

I keep missing your updates. I know a few girls in my house who would want one of each of the things you made! Lots of inspiration. And small projects are the best when trying to get going in the sewing garage again!

Sarah said...

And there they are. What nice crisp photos. What a great idea to add a strap to the earbud case. brilliant!! Good luck on the quilt. Hope the South is a little quieter for you now.

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