Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Tote

Hello sewing friends!  It's been awhile, or at least it feels like it's been awhile, since I posted something on MoM.  I'm in the middle of summer with 3 young little ones, and I'm loving it.  Mostly I'm loving it.  There have been several days when I feel like a robot doing the exact same thing over and over and over.  I take care of little ones, cook, clean, cook, clean, run errands, cook, clean, repeat, repeat, repeat.  My days aren't overly stressful and certainly not over planned, but for some reason come the end of the night I haven't had the desire to sit up at my machine and sew.  No big deal.  A break is good, but I could tell two weeks ago that it was starting to take a toll on me.  I get all dramatic in my head and start thinking maybe I'll never sew again, and maybe I should just box up all my sewing stuff and put the small space I've carved out for myself  to good use as a makeshift bedroom so bed time at my house doesn't have to be so painful.  I have three kids in one room.  It's like a slow and painful death every night with me often times losing my cool which really doesn't help matters.  But, I'll spare you all the details.

On to happier topics...

Then one week ago I decided dishes could wait, clean clothes were overrated, and my kids might have gotten a meal or two that weren't of the highest nutritional value.  I decided with all my free time I could sew a little.  Sew I did.

I've been wanting a big summer tote.  I went to Ikea to look at their fabric and found the perfect hot pink fat striped fabric just begging to be bought, and at $6.99/yd I felt like it was a screaming deal since it's home decorating weight.

On the inside, I used an Anna Maria Horner fabric from her Chocolate Lollipop line that I've had in my collection for far too long.  Have you seen her new line of fabric set to release later this summer??  I'll be making a purchase come August when it hits the fabric stores.  My bedroom is needing some Anna love.  I'm either going to tackle a duvet cover or window treatments.  Window treatments would be easier, but a new duvet would be smashing.

For my Summer Tote, I used the same method used to make a Bow Bag, but I made it a little bigger (finished it's 18 inches wide by 15 inches long), left off the bow, and widened the straps ever so slightly.  All in all this was a very easy project.  I was back to doing the dishes before anyone even knew I'd taken a break.

In the end, I'm pleased as punch.  I wanted a bag that could hold swim towels and snack, or sand toys and lunches, or groceries, or multiple items needed to help my kiddos make it through church.  It's a multi purpose tote really, but since it's bright and I made it in the summer, I'm calling it a Summer Tote.

Grace and George were my photogs for this photo shoot.  I'm pretty positive they fought over the camera longer than the photo shoot took place, but I'm happy I had their help.  Baby Hank decided to start climbing on the outdoor toys while I was busy breaking up their fights.  It's like they were trying to distract me so he could taste a little more freedom.  Is it possible they were all in on it together?!

I have more bags to share later this week.  I'm also in the middle of trying to get my printer to cooperate so I can sew some dresses for Grace for our upcoming vacation.  Apparently my printer didn't get the memo that I'm NOT closing up my laundry room sewing sweat shop.  I need to keep it open for sanities sake.

Off to fix the printer and hopefully sew!

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