Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Post of 2011

What a year!  Maybe during the first of 2012 we can review all that was created here at Made on Maple, but for now I've assigned myself the task of wrapping things up for 2011.

Due to the fact that my sewing room (which also doubles as the laundry room) looks like this, 

and Annee and I both are swimming (I might be drowning) in Christmas preparation, I'm blogging quickly to let you know that things will be quiet here on MOM until after the New Year.

My ironing board (my task board of sorts) is loaded with projects that will be completed after the holiday madness dies down.  I'm anxious to get to these projects, but first things first.  I'm like a little kid who needs to eat their vegetables (Christmas prep) before I can gluttonously devour my dessert (sewing projects that are NOT Christmas related).

I did manage to make one Christmas present, most likely the only Christmas present that will get sewn this year, and I thought I would share it with you.  I kind of wish I started making these in November and made some for myself.  These little house ornaments turned out as darling as I hoped.

Every year my mom requests an ornament with my kids' pictures on it.  I loved these little houses from Retro Mama, and I decided that I would figure out how to put a picture on it.  The fronts are darling...

The backs, well, let's just say they aren't my favorite, but I'm letting it go!

You see these darlings are really small, and the pictures I put on the back were too large to flip through the small opening without getting all wrinkled.

A perspective picture for you.  The houses are smaller than a can of tomatoes.

It's a good thing my mom knows what my kids look like or else I'd be really worried.  It's the thought that counts, right?

Thank you Retro Mama for the cute idea, tutorial and pattern!  Maybe next year my own tree will get some cute houses.  If you have any free time between now and Christmas, you should whip yourself up some mini houses.

And now, friends, I'm signing off until 2012. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we'll see you in the New Year!!  Tootles for now!

Monday, December 5, 2011

For a One Year Old

Although my list of things to sew for Christmas remains long and unedited and I haven't sewn anything on the list since last week, I had to take a time out.  A good time out.  I got to sew for a little girl's first birthday.  In my opinion, sewing for little girls is sew much fun!!  The options are endless!

Every little girl needs an outfit to advertise to the world how old they are.  And what little (and big) girl doesn't like cupcakes?!

Having baby dolls are huge to little girls, so baby blankets are a must.  I used some leftover Sherbet Pip fabric that I have from a quilt that is in the works for Grace for Christmas.  (The unfinished quilts remain on the Christmas sewing list!!  I'll have them finished soon.  I hope!)  I really loved how this mini quilt turned out.  I just love the fabric.

The perfect size for a new, soft, cuddly baby doll.

I backed the mini quilt with a scrap of nursery rhyme toile.  One of the first fabrics I got from Annee when she was living in Korea.  (Four and a half years ago, I think?!)  Crazy how my sewing has evolved since then.

Moms, both big moms and little girls pretending to be moms, need bags to put things in.  Grace has more bags then I can count and I swear every one of them has stuff in them.  Bags or purses are an essential part of being a girl.

And now back to Christmas sewing.  Well, maybe.  I might take a short time out and make Grace some skirts.  We'll see where the sewing winds blow me!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas style.

Friends, I always have big dreams during the month of December.  In order to execute all that I dream, I'd probably sit in the sewing garage for the majority of the day.  That is obviously not realistic, and therefore everyday I edit my dreams and pare them down to a more manageable dream load.

For example, I dreamed the ladies would have new festive frocks for the big performance of The Nutcracker today. Around midnight last night, I realized not even the first dress was going to get finished.  But that didn't mean that at the start of the night I honestly believed that two dresses might have emerged!

Our Saturday was jam packed full of Christmas fun.  We had some caroling to attend to, a Christmas party at church, etc.  Sometime last week, I came across this joyful post over at Aesthetic Nest.  When I saw her merry snowflake shirts I was smitten.  I tried to think of which of my friends both crocheted and had a little girl.  I thought of my favorite friend Allison who fit both requirements, and I sent her the link as my Merry Christmas gift to her.  I thought she would have a blast making that shirt for her daughter.  And I, in turn would have done my part to spread Christmas cheer to all around me, free of charge.

Little did I know I would wake up to an email from Allison Friday morning saying she had four completed snowflakes, and would I like two?!

Enter, sewing crocheted snowflakes onto long sleeved tee-shirts by hand, in the car, on the way to caroling:

Totally worth it, in my opinion.

Now my new Christmas wish is that you might have your own special crocheting friend, who will help turn one of your dreams into a real live thing!  

Or maybe you know how to crochet yourself, in which case do not miss out on this awesome tutorial!  Allison said it was easy.  What do I know?!

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