Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some simple stuff.

While I painted my silhouettes black, Grace decided she was a little more colorful.

Silhouettes are everywhere, and for over a year I've thought I should figure out how to make them.  I'm not an artist, so drawing silhouettes wasn't an option.  So here is my simple way for a non-artist like myself to make silhouettes.

First, I ordered a 4x6 print through Shutterfly and had them printed at Target.  Now, if I had my printer (it's in storage because we're selling our house), I could have printed them here at home.  The next step could have been done with a printer too, but again I am without.

Next, I took my photos to a copy center, and I blew my pictures up just a bit.

Then I cut out the photo copy of my silhouettes.

Finally, I traced around the silhouette and then painted it black.  I made 3 of these in about an hour.  It was so simple.

My baby-sitter is going to kill me for putting her picture on this blog, but we love her and we think she's pretty darn cute.  Her birthday was yesterday, and she liked my silhouette idea, so I'm surprising her with her very own.

As for sewing, it's been a little slow going.  The only thing I've sewn since finishing Grace's quilt and getting stuck on George's is a little apron for George.  I'm in love with Riley Blake's Wheels fabric.  Love it. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The full look

Do you remember when stayed up really late making my second Schoolhouse Tunic????

Thanks to a hot tip from a sweet reader, I found my hot pink flats to complete the look!!!! 

I love this outfit because it is bright and colorful, but most importantly it is comfortable!!!

Thank you Annee for the hot tip on the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern.

Thank you Cherisse for the hot link to my cute new shoes.

And Thank you Italian for the headless photo.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nothing too exciting.

After sewing two quilts in three days, I had to take a little break.  I'm still working on them because making quilts take forever.  I've stippled all of Grace's quilt and all I have to do now is bind it.  George's quilt on the other hand has been put on the backburner.  In the middle of stippling it, my machine broke.  I took it to get repaired, and I'm crossing my fingers it is nothing serious.  The good news is that I have a two sewing machines, so I can still sew, but I can't stipple with my back up machine. 

Right before my fancy machine broke, I was also getting burned out on finishing 2 quilts.  It's a lot of work!  I took an intermission and sewed two pillowcases.  The quilts were made to go on Grace and George's toddler beds, so they totally needed a cool new pillowcase to go with their new quilts. 

George's was made out of Riley Blake's Wheels By My Mind's Eye

Grace got one pillowcase but two different main prints.  One side is Alexander Henry's Starling Bird in Pink

The other side is from Heather Ross' collection called Lightning Bugs and other mysteries.  Unfortunately, I can't find it on the internet.  I think it might be discontinued....

This project was so easy.  I'm sure I could have done something fancier, but life has been crazy around here.  I'm lucky I got these sewn!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MY Folklore bag.

This is called, "True Love, in bag format".  Sometimes we just have to make something special for ourselves.  I thought it wasn't possible to love this fabric anymore, until I sewed it into this Folklore bag, from the legendary "One Yard Wonders" book.  Now my love for this fabric is cemented into sewing eternity. 

What is this fabric?  Anna Maria Horner, from the Good Folks line.  It's specifically called: "Fortune" in the "sea" colorway.  Is that enough detail for ya?!

Love, love, love.  That's all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost finished!

Ta da!!

Two Easter Quilts.

One for Grace.

And one for George.

I started these last Tuesday night, and I finished them on Saturday night.  I think that is my new quilting PR.

Now all I have to do is quilt them.  I'm wishing my Easter weekend was a little bit longer because sewing with grandparents around to watch children helps a lot.  I'm starting to wonder if it will be next Easter before the quilts are complete.  I hope not!!

The pattern I used comes from Cluck.Cluck.Sew.  I'm sure you'll love her blog and quilts and sewing ideas as much as I do.  As for fabrics, there are 16 different ones in each quilt, so I'm probably not going to list all the different designers.  I might have made some color changes if I had to do these all over again, but mostly I'm really happy with how the quilts look.

Maybe I'll start quilting them now.  Or maybe I'll go to bed!

Monday, April 5, 2010

For Easter...

I made the "Popover Sundress" from the lovely Oliver & S website.  It's a FREE pattern.  When I first looked through the pattern, I thought it might not be anything too special.  But after looking through the Flickr group of the finished products, I was inspired.  Adding the ruffle I think was a nice touch (I was afraid it was too short).  In the end, this will become a go-to pattern this summer.  So simple, great fit, a quick sew, options are endless.  Jane is counting down the days when I let her wear it sans-shirt underneath

Here's Ruby modeling her outfit.  These girls would hardly stand still for these photos.  It was pretty hopeless.  But I liked Ruby's dress so much better this time when she tried it on.  It was redeemed to me.  The fit was cute, and she pulled it off beautifully.  I do so love the fabric. 

I leave you with the following photo montage of me trying to capture the memory of these dresses on this Easter Sunday....

A final note about the Popover Sundress, it only requires six pieces (to cut out), and sews together in about two hours or less.  It's super easy and very satisfying.  Trust me, if you have a little girl who loves wearing dresses, this is a great pattern for the forthcoming warmer weather.  Who can beat free?! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quilt intermission.

First came the pattern, McCall's 5458.  I've been staring at it since October.  It was a special delivery from a friend who moved back to America before me.  She told me she got it for $1.  I wasn't sure how I would use it, so I've just been looking at it.

Then came the Eiffle Tower Japanese print linen fabric on a bolt at Happy Quilt, one time, it was gone by the next time.  On a whim I bought a yard, because as a general rule, I don't pass up anything with the Eiffel Tower on it.  Then I got the idea I could interpret McCall's 5458 more vintage like with the linen.  If I had my way, I think the white would have been the teal color, or maybe even the pink.  But I had to go with what I had.  I think in theory I love it.  Ruby said she'd wear it, but it's a bit of a boxy fit, and adding insult to injury, she told me it's itchy!  That's exactly what I was afraid of.  DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS ABOUT HOW TO MAKE LINEN NOT BE ITCHY?!  I'm serious.  If you know a secret, please share it here.  I've been googling it for an answer, but I'm not getting anywhere. 

I'll tie a prettier bow in the back when she wears it.  I am so glad I didn't decide to leave out this element, as I thought I was going to.  This really does work to sinch the dress in, and that totally saves the dress in my opinion!

I have been brewing over a second dress since I finished the Eiffel Tower dress on Tuesday.  I thought I was going to immediately launch into a second dress for Sunday, but I'm stumped.  Not the right pattern, too tired to make it up on the go, not the right fabric, etc.  It's been depressing.   

But today, I stopped everything mid-afternoon because I had to see if I could make myself a wrap skirt, and could I like it?!  Using my "Sew What Skirts" book, I went for it.  And you know what?? It fits pretty well.  I'll make a few adjustments in the future, but I will totally wear this skirt, and I'll make more for the spring.  This skirt works, and that made my day today. 

We'll all model our outfits on Sunday.  Try not to lose any sleep over it...
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