Monday, November 5, 2012

This and That

Sew, I'm only a week late posting my Halloween creations, but since I didn't really sew much for Halloween there isn't much to report.  However, I did find this darling pumpkin costume that I made for Grace when she was 2.  I made it back before I knew you could google "pumpkin costume tutorial" and probably come up with 10 different blogs where generous sewers offer up their take on how to make a cute baby pumpkin costume.  The crafting blog world is a gold mine, but before I discovered it fully, I made this pumpkin costume.  The construction is amateur at best, but the little one who wore it made any imperfections unnoticeable.

The only new items I sewed for this Halloween were trick-or-treat bags.

I had high hopes of making Henry a cute little pumpkin one, but it didn't happen.  He got plain Halloween fabric instead.  It's totally a rough life for him.

In other sewing news, I make birthday shirts like they are going out of style.

And, I whipped up a gathered clutch from the tutorial by Noodle-head.  I put off making this clutch for 2 weeks, because I had a mental block about sewing it.  I'm not sure why.  I had all the pattern pieces cut out from making them a while ago, I had the fabric and zipper, and I knew I needed to make it, but it took me forever to just sit and sew it.  These really come together so quickly, and they make cute birthday gifts.  Or at least I think they make cute gifts.

Now I'm off to lay out my Wonky Star Quilt.  All of my star pieces are sewn!!  All 40 of them!!  That number doesn't sound too big, but sewing all the pieces for 40 wonky stars is a LOT of work!  Maybe a finished quilt is in my near future?  We'll see.  I'm actually aiming for Christmas.  It can be a present to myself from myself.  Good idea, huh?
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