Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oliver + S: Music Box Jumper Meets School Photo Dress

I was supposed to be on a flight to Boston yesterday morning to go and see my Sew Sister Annee, but my flight got canceled due to snow storm Nika.  I was pretty much devastated, and I probably could have flown out last night, but it just seemed like it would cut my already kind of short trip just too short, so I opted to just leave next week.  A week delay.  It was totally tragic and sad, and I made up for it by sewing my heart out all yesterday and today, and really I'm glad that I get to see Annee, and it will be so much fun when I finally get there, but sometimes patience is no fun.  Oh well.  Sew, instead of sewing the night away with Annee, I'll share something I made last week.

I saw this absolutely adorable dress on Pinterest.  Their was no link to who made it and how they did it, but the description on the pin said "Music Box Jumper with sleeves."  I immediately bought the Music Box Jumper.  This is the year of Oliver + S, so I totally needed the pattern, and I needed to see if I could recreate the vision I saw.  I'm not there yet, but this was my first attempt.

At first I didn't think this dress was much.  I was kind of sad that it wasn't more like the image I saw.  However, I wasn't going to let this dress just sit in the closet unworn, so I threw it on Grace for church on Sunday.  Dresses are so much cuter on a model than on a hanger.

The only modification I made to the Music Box Jumper pattern was adding the sleeves.  I had just sewn the School Photo Dress, so I added the sleeves from that dress to the jumper.  I made no modifications to the Music Box bodice at all, and I followed Liesl's sleeve instructions from the School Photo dress, and it worked out perfectly.

I was nervous that the shoulders would feel short to Grace and she wouldn't like it because of the way it felt, but there were no complaints out of her at all.  This dress is roomy and comfy and cute.

She played in it all afternoon.  I would say that's a sign of a good dress.

My next attempt, I'm going to shorten it ever so slightly, try to lengthen the bodice a bit, lengthen the sleeves, and maybe just maybe try to alter the neckline in some way.

I'm hoping to get really comfortable with the Music Box Jumper.  Hopefully I'll be as comfortable sewing it as Grace is wearing it.

Probably the only part that will be the hardest part to get comfortable with are all the buttons down the back.  That's a lot of buttonholes to make and buttons to sew on.  A lot.

That's a wrap.

Hopefully the next post will include pictures of Annee and I sewing together!!
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