Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where have I been?!

Oh, hello all 2 people who probably read MOM still. Yes, it's been 6 weeks.  I can't believe it's really been that long, but at the same time I totally can.  We put our house on the market almost a month ago, so my sewing stuff has been packed away. I have my machine and some fabric, but it's not the same.  If I want to sew something, I have to get my machine down from a top closet shelf (I'm short so that involves a ladder), and it kind of kills the inspiration to sew when you have to set up shop every time.  On top of having to have my house extra clean all the time, I also took all my colorful decor and replaced it with more quiet, subtle "staged" decor which I think has stunted my creative flow.  Don't feel sorry for me at all.  I don't have it rough.  I'm just explaining why it's been quiet here on the western front of Made on Maple.  I mean I have sewn no less than 10 birthday shirts in the past 6 weeks, but sadly they all got wrapped up and delivered before I could snap a shot.  Oh, well.  I do have a little something to share for the past month and a half...

Right before I put all my things away, I made new pillows for my living room.  My couch is not my favorite piece of furniture in my house these days, but I'm not wanting to replace for too many reasons that I care to share, so I decided pillows would make me not hate it so much.  

All fabrics are Anna Maria Horner with most of them being from her Field Study line.  

I also tried making Flying Geese.  I think this quilt style is so pretty, but I'm not sure I'm up to making a whole quilt with Flying Geese just yet.  Although, I do kind of love Anna Maria's Flying Gosling baby quilt, sew now I just need a baby to sew it for.   I used this tutorial to help me make my Flying Geese.

All of my new pillows are reversible which I like because some days I want to look at Flying Geese and sometimes I want to look at blue animal print.  I totally love having options.  And if you can't tell, I'm in love with color.  And bold color.

 The backs of all my square pillows come from the Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi collection. 

Do you like my photo shoot buddy??

He thought taking pictures was tons of fun.

Until I wouldn't give him the camera.  He may have something to do with me not getting a whole lot of sewing time in during the day.  But, he's getting so big and way too fast, so I'm not sorry that I spend more time playing with him then sitting at my machine right now.  I'm not saying I'm done sewing (I have quilt squares cut out and waiting for me to get to them), but I'm not sewing every day right now.  This will all hopefully change sometime soon but who knows when!

Til' I have more to share!

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