Wednesday, May 28, 2014

short and sweet update

I've been on an O&S dress making kick.  This is the Book Report Dress.  I made it while I was in Boston.  I used Anna Maria Horner's Dowry fabric, and I love the look and so did my model.

This is the Oliver and S Library Dress.  This dress looks more complicated than the Book Report Dress, but surprisingly it seemed easier.  It's probably one of my favorite dresses I've ever made.  I'm hoping I make another one soon.  I used the Heather Ross Briar Rose fabric.  It's so cute.

But maybe not as cute as my little model who added her own accessories.  Sweet!

Even with all those buttons, it wasn't that bad.

My Gs share a room and in order to keep them happily sharing a room I keep decorating and redecorating it for them.  I recently added a *build* and *create* banner and bulletin board.

I was totally fortunate recently to pattern test a new shirt pattern for Crafterhours.  It was a fun experience.  I'd love to do it again.

I joined the quilt club at church, and they asked me to teach a mini lesson on color.  This is my homemade flannel board with color combo examples.  I'm younger than most of the ladies in this group, but it's so fun getting together to just talk about sewing.

It's summer in the south and I need some cute new dresses to wear and stay cool.  I'm still perfecting my patterns, but these are my first two takes.

Gracie Belle got a Geranium Dress in Anna Maria True Colors for Easter.  Loved the dress and the fabric.  Gracie Belle did request that I lower the pockets next time.  Noted.

I went to a  fashion show at Anthropologie, and they made these cute thank you fans.  I might need to make some of these for some event some day.

I've always loved the Kurt Knudsen glass stars.  I helped a friend learn how to make a pillow, and she sent me a sweet star in the mail.  The packaging was just as beautiful as the star.  I might just need to collect these.  Hint, hint, Italian.

Probably my greatest accomplishment this winter was the Anna Maria Color Dive Quilt.  I made it for Grace's bed and it's made almost exclusively with Anna Maria fabric.  I'm in love with this quilt.  Absolute love with it.  I might just have to make a king size one day.

I added some ombre purple hearts above her bed because purple is her current favorite color.

I also added a collage on the side of her bed with some things she's made and other "big girl" things.  She's really wanting a big girl room, and this made her pretty darn happy which makes me pretty darn happy.

That's all for now.  I've got a quilt laid out that just needs to be sewn, and some more knit to make some more dresses.  Maybe I'll get them made and posted before fall.  Maybe! Haha!

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