Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Year in Review

Yes, this blog has been so neglected, but alas, Annee and I have lots going on in our lives, so priorities of family have taken over.  No big deal.  We both sew for sanity on a regular basis, and we still share pictures back and forth, but gone are the days of staged photo shoots and DSLR photos.  It's iPhone pictures, bathroom mirror selfies, and nowhere near perfect shots, but sewing is still an outlet and has saved me on many occasions.  To immerse myself in a pattern and project has kept my mind distracted and has kept me going through 2 moves, joblessness, living with parents (mine and my in-laws), and just the normal ups and downs of life and child rearing.  I thank God daily that my hands can create, and that I have found a medium that I'm good enough at to feel successful and happy with my end products.  

This is not a full years worth of projects, but pretty close.  I would apologize for the not so perfect pictures, but I'm not sorry.  I'm just happy that one day I can look back at some pictures of my products and remind myself of what I use to make.  With no further ado…

I've strived over the past year to create the perfect t-shirt dresses.  They are so comfy.  I think of my dresses as equivalent to yoga pants and sweatshirt, but it looks nicer.  But seriously are just as comfy as yoga pants if not more so.  Who doesn't prefer dresses to pants?!

Grace got an Oliver and S Field Trip Raglan.

Perfect for a day at the beach.  (We are now in Southern CA.  An hour from the gorgeous beaches of Santa Monica.  Maybe one day my dreams of living closer to the beach will come true.  One day.)

This is the only picture I could find of another t-shirt dress I made and Grace is wearing a Bimma.  I need more time to make more Bimmas because they are awesome.  Hopefully it will happen soon, but it is summer time in SoCal and we hit the mid to upper 90s most days, so probably won't happen too soon.

I couldn't sew for a while after we got here (we moved last August), so instead I challenged myself to wear a weeks worth of handmade things.  

T-shirt dress

Another t-shirt dress (design inspired by a Zara shirt - the back is all black)

Everyday Skirt with my 8 year old snapping a picture while we are rushing to get ready so I can take the kiddos to school and volunteer in one of their classes.

The Tappy Top.  A free pattern I found on Craftsy??  I think??  Google Tappy Top.  It's there.  Totally easy and cute.  I need to make another.

A Washi Dress

A Raglan T-shirt Dress

I made a quilt using my Anna Maria Horner scraps and an Anna Maria Horner quilt.  I used only material I had on hand for the entire quilt except for the back.  It turned out really scrappy and maybe too much for my liking but it's got voile on the back, so I happily cuddle with it.

I pattern tested for Hey June Patterns.

A Fall wall hanging using the modern maple pattern.

A Fall wall collage

Yarn tassels with Caravan Shoppe printable.

The finished quilt top Anna Maria Horner scrappy quilt.  Sorry I don't have a finished quilt picture that I can find.

I made snow globes at Christmas time.  I'm a little slow to this trend and probably the trend of snow globes are over, but I've never had a mantle to decorate, and I just HAD to have some, so I made 7.  Haha!

I didn't decorate a tree this year because we are living with family.  This is our ornament hangings for 2014.

I made the Purl Bee Christmas Tree Wall Hanging and then made up a Christmas wall hanging to go with it.

A Hide and Seek Oliver and S dress was made for Grace at Christmas time.

Many more banners got made in the new year.  I opened an Etsy shop.  More on that down below.

Love my Oh Fransson Pixel Heart Wall Hanging made for me with love from Annee.  I love it so!

A Staple Dress

A SoCal winter t-shirt dress.

My Etsy Shop Made On Maple is open and ready to provide you with wall decor!  Hop on over!

I made some birthday shirts for a friend.

A table runner for my sister-in-law.

I'm an hour away from the LA fabric district.  I REALLY wish I lived closer!!

A Tova Dress

Another SoCal winter T-shirt Dress (our winter is WIMPY)

Caravan Shoppe St. Patrick's Day decor

A Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt.  I LOVE this pattern.  I want like 20 more.

The Lola Dress

Another Tova Dress.

Another Staple Dress

I grossly underestimated how mild the SoCal winter.  All these shirts were long sleeved and NEVER got worn.  So I hacked off the sleeves and we've got double the short sleeved t-shirt collection now.

Ananda Yoga Pants

Parsley Pants for PJs

More Ananda Yoga Pants for my mini model and Parsley Pant for PJs for my boy who does NOT love to model.

Why should Grace have all the fun.  I'm on the short side and kind of small, so I just sized up the largest size on the Ananda Yoga Pants and made my own.  I've got another pair in the works.  They make the best loungewear. 

Oliver + S Library Dress

Another Anna Maria Horner quilt pattern in her True Color fabrics.

The Skater Dress

More Parsley Pants for PJs

A Washi Dress and Hide and Seek Dress for this twiner look.

Another Raglan Dress for me

Lastly, a Folk Song and Loominous Quilt.

These aren't all my projects, but most of them.

Til' next year! Or maybe sooner if my life settles down.  Don't hold your breath!
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