Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sewing round up.

Speaking of banners, here is my version of the celebratory banner:

Essentially I make them the same as Liz, only I use a rectangle (5x7) and I like to leave a blank space/hole, rather than an empty pendant.  Also, I back mine with a plain white, rather than the front fabric.  Kind of cheap of me, but it conserves the main fabric.  This one was made with Heather Bailey Pop Garden prints, and has been sent off with love. 

Just wanted to report back in with the final versions of the birthday shirts.  I wrapped them up and then let the girls each pick which package to open.  That way I was not responsible for who got which outfit.  Kind of interesting, because it turns out they picked the ones that I would have picked for them.  Do you believe in coincidences?? I don't usually. 


Remember a while back I promised a full report on my designer felt purchase?  Well, here is what I have to show for it.  I went ahead and used the designer felt to make the rose barrettes from the Purl Bee tutorial, as the birthday party favors.  I would say that I do not yet believe that designer felt is essential.  As you can see, there is one barrette in that picture, NOT made with designer felt.  Do you really think it is so awful?  I'll admit I love the color spectrum of designer felt.  And it is more dense, as in, less fuzzy and stringy.  And it's totally easier to cut out.  So really, in the end, I might come to love it, but I probably won't ever love the price.

Moving along, somewhere before the rose barrettes, but I think after the birthday outfits, I just HAD to try the "All-Ages Classic Jumper", from the One-Yard Wonders book.  I thought I was going to follow Liz's tutorial, and be well ahead of the learning curve.  As it turns out, I wasn't able to fully follow Liz's tutorial, because I failed to cut out a second lining piece for my back band, and I was too lazy to go and cut out a second piece.  So I likewise DID NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AS GIVEN IN THE BOOK.  But just decided to look at my pieces and figure out how to put them all together into a jumper.  The book doesn't show a picture of the back of the jumper, and it should.  And my back isn't even done the way the pattern tells you to make the back.  So, whatever.  I think it's a cute outfit all the same, just good luck with the instructions! 


And finally, last night, just because I can't help myself, in the 12-hours between the twins 5th birthday, and my husbands 35th birthday I sewed up this little number for church.  And I kid you not when I say that I thought I would actually have TWO of these before church.  But come on, WHO WAS I KIDDING?!  There was another birthday to celebrate and presents to wrap, and a cake to make and a breakfast feast and a dinner feast, etc, etc, so one dress was all I could pull off last night.  


But get this, the fabric was a gift Jane received at her birthday party on Friday afternoon.  The little friends' mom knew that I love to sew, and so she said she gave my girls each some fabric for their mom to turn it into something beautiful for them.  I took the challenge very literally, and thought how amazing it would be to turn it into something beautiful, immediately.  
Too bad I'm only human.  One more package of fabric to turn into something beautiful, before next Sunday.  Okay?!

P.S. This is Simplicity pattern 3857.  Of course, I altered it a bit.  Who can help themselves??  And, I had to choose one size for the top, and a different size for the bottom in order to like the fit.  Other than a bit of stress with the "invisible" zipper in the back, it's a pretty straight forward pattern.  I think I can recommend it without too much hesitation.  I LOVE the puff sleeves.  They are my favorite part of the dress.


Jim said...

Amazing. "Here's some fabric- now go create." And you did. And it is darling!
I'm inspired to sew birthday skirts for the girls. Good thing I have 6 weeks...

Liz said...

You are like a machine!!! I can't believe all that you've sewn in the last couple of days! Jane and Ruby look so darling in their birthday outfits.

I love those hair clips, and no, I can't tell the difference between designer felt and regular felt from the picture. Glad to see I'm not missing out on much!

I'd have to say the mom who decided to give the girls fabric for you to sew them something is a genius. Great idea!

jrs said...

Everything you guys make is Sew Cute. You are both Sew Talented. Love the birthday outfits.

Annee said...

Jana, you are sew funny!

Sarah M. said...

Wow who are you, Super mom?? Every thing turned out so great for the party. I like your final choices for the cupcake shirts.

I can't tell a difference with the felt either, but the color choices are luscious. And to turn around and crank out another dress after that big really are addicted. It's a good thing. Thanks for sharing it all!

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