Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner for 2

As you heard earlier this week, I met up with Annee in LA for her little sister's wedding.  I didn't have a chance to make a wedding gift before I left, but I believe etiquette says I have a full year after someone gets married to give them a wedding present.  While that gives me lots of time to make a wedding gift, I decided to not procrastinate.

Last night I set up my computer so I could sew AND watch Grey's Anatomy.  Annee's sister, Rachel, likes to cook, so I made her and her husband two placemats.  I figure Rachel can make a romantic dinner for two and use my placemats to help set the table.

I patterned my placemats after the Picket Fence Pillows I've made, and all the fabric I used is from the designer Riley Blake.  Well, all the fabric expect the brown pin dot on the front side of the placemats (JoAnn's) and the fabric on the back.  The back fabric is Vera Bradley.  Vera Bradley isn't selling her fabrics, but the fabric is made in Korea, so on my trip earlier this year I picked up some of her fabrics.  Shhh!  Don't tell Vera!

So here's to romantic, home cooked, newlywed meals for 2!!  Congratulations Rachel and Ken!


Annee said...

So cute! Makes me almost want to be a newlywed again.

Rachel Z said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much! I'm so excited! That is so sweet of you. And a post too?? So lucky.

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