Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Teeny Tiny Post

This skirt speaks for itself.  Maybe you can't tell by the picture I'm including, but it will fit a 6 month old.  When's the last time you held a 6 month old??  They are teeny and so is this skirt.  Like Annee did a few weeks ago, I used Handmade By Jill's tutorial.  This was a very easy skirt to make and the tutorial is perfect.  I did add a little extra width and length to my skirt.  I bought a 6 month onesie to go with it, and the dimensions that Jill gave weren't wide enough, so I added a little extra.  I also added some length, because the baby who will wear this, well, let's just say I think her mom is almost a foot taller than me.  The little baby is going to be tall.  I'm all most positive!

Night night form the West Coast!

1 comment:

jrs said...

woah, you guys have been busy.
i will need to look at the 90 min shirt pattern again sometime and make one for my little guy.

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