Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Market Skirt

The night before I left for LA, I had a Girl's Night In and invited two girlfriends over to sew the Market Skirt.  They both know how to sew, so we set up our machines at my dining room table and took turns at my serger.  It  was so fun to sew and chat and eat chocolate and feel productive as well as social!  Lamely I didn't snap one single picture of our sweet sewing set up!  Next time!

Here's the fruit of my labor.  I bought the owl shirt on sale at Target.  I probably picked up that shirt 2 or 3 different times while in Target, but I wasn't sure I had anything in my sewing stash to match it.  Finally when I went to the clothing display and there was only one owl shirt left in Grace's size, I decided to risk the $3.96.  I'd say the fabric I chose goes well enough.

My all time favorite part of the outfit...the brown cowgirl boots!

I'm hoping to make it to my sewing room to do something other than laundry soon.  But, I have discovered Grey's Anatomy, and I paid for a Hulu Plus subscription, so I can watch ALL 7 seasons on my computer without going to Blockbusters or mailing DVDs back and forth to Netflix.  Grey's Anatomy has pretty much taken over my life these days.  Maybe tomorrow night I'll settle down and give sewing a chance.  I mean I do have a wedding present to make, some birthday gifts to sew, and a quilt to try.  I have things to sew, but I also have surgeries and love stories to follow!!

For now I'm debating whether or not I should start another Grey's Anatomy episode before I fall asleep!!


Kevin and Kristina said...

hope you started another episode :) that show is SOO addicting! the skirt looks darling. i really hope some day soon i get the desire to actually sew and stop being afraid of the machine... i would love to be as creative as you!!

Annee said...

Was the coordinating pin dot from Korea? Or is that a Stateside purchase? The outfit gets an A+ from my perspective. It's perfectly styled. You know my feelings about GA. I have watched every single episode as well. Have fun!

cheeribaby said...

Cute outfit!! I love all the fun colors in that fabric!! I am also loving the boots.

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