Monday, November 15, 2010

Everyone should have a friend like Liz.

When Liz got married almost six years ago this November ( or was it December?  It was freezing!  That much I am sure of.) I was mightily pregnant with twins!  Mightily.  The twins were later born in February.  But I wanted to be helpful to Liz on her special day.  I pleaded with her to give me a job, any job!  Just let me help in some small way, contribute to the magic of her wedding day. 

She finally thought of something for me to do.  Move her suitcase from one hotel to the other.  I like to think I performed my duties in such a way that only a best-friend could.  My heart was in that job!

Six years later, Liz heard that there would be a family wedding in Los Angeles, and she decided to show up and be helpful at every turn!  At one point she had a baby strapped to her front, and about ten other little ones trailing behind her with markers and coloring books in hand.  I'm just saying, there is very little, if anything at all, that Liz isn't capable of doing.  I feel like my meager job of suitcase transporting was hardly sufficient to warrant all the jobs she did for me and my family this past weekend.  But what can you do?!  When you are best friends with Liz, you have to accept the fact that she will out-serve you at every turn.  I'll forever be indebted. 

It was such a treat to see you this weekend in L.A. Liz!  Thanks for making the trip.  

We even managed to rendez-vous on Maple Avenue (how ironic!), in Los Angeles and meet up at the Michael Levine fabric warehouse store.  We had a grand time walking up and down isles.  Watching the mega purchases of fellow seamstresses.  But we were both trigger shy as we reminisced about the fabric prices of Korea.  When we crossed the street and went to the Lavine loft where you make your fabric purchase based on weight, our wallets were both a bit freer.  All in all, Korea is impossible to top in the fabric arena.  But being in that particular part of downtown LA was in all other aspects so remarkably similar to being in Korea, that one of my little boys said to me, "Mom, it's like we pushed a transporter button and we are in Korea again." 

I couldn't have agreed more.

My only crafty contribution over the last several weeks was sewing up this collection of bowties.  I went with the Sunday Best Bowtie pattern purchased on Etsy.  I wanted an authentically tied bowtie for my sister's uber elegant wedding.  Thank goodness I have a brother who actually loves to wear bowties, and consequently was an expert bowtie-tier. 

The weekend before the L.A. wedding, we were in Phoenix for another sister's wedding!  Two weddings in six days has had me out of the sewing room for what feels like months!  Let's hope now that we are back, and life will return to "normal", that there might be something special finding itself made out in the sewing garage soon!  Fingers crossed. 

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Liz said...

I'm all choked up. I was happy to help in any way. I just wanted to see you, Sew Sister.

The bowties were perfect. All 7(!!!!) of them!

P.S. - Transporting my suitcase was a very important job and you did it to perfection!!

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