Friday, June 17, 2011

Odds and Ends

This will be a quick post dear readers!  And it will probably be the last post from me for a while.  Annee has some super cute things to show you next week, and she'll be in charge for a bit.  I'll be having a baby really soon.

But I did finish some little projects that should be recorded.  

I took this fabric 

and made another Crazy Daisy Apron.

This is a fun apron and a good pattern, but there are lots of steps to it.  I would not call this a beginner project, and having apron sewing experience would be a helpful things to have if you are going to sew this.  I was supposed to teach my cute model how to make it, but instead I sewed most of it so she could go home with a finished apron.  Something tells me cute Katherine wasn't too sad about that arrangements.

I also finally personalized George's green retro duffel bag.  He LOVES his bag, and carries it around the house all the time.  He tends to shove clothes in this bag which isn't my favorite because I end up folding and refolding clothes to put away, but I love that he loves his bag.

Anyway, I wanted to put his name on the bag, but the straps were too close together, so I used my friend's machine and just embroidered a big G on some of the green denim I used to make the bag, and then turned the G into a pocket.  George was so pleased with the results.  And I was too!  Thank you, Diana, for your help!

Lastly, I decided I needed the words "DAYS" and "WEEKS" to add to my baby picture "MONTHS" that I made a while ago.  I'm thinking I might even take my letters with me to the hospital to take pictures of my baby when he arrives.  Probably I should pack my hospital bag first, and then include these little gems.

Sew, farewell for a little while.  I'm sure I'll poke my head in here and there with some pictures of my baby wearing and using some of my creations, but as for new creations I'm going to be out of commission for a bit. I'll be back though.  I promise.

Happy Sewing!


cheeriBABY said...

I still love the duffle bag! I need to whip up a couple for my kiddos.

Annee said...

Have you had your baby yet (wink!!)?! I can't wait to see him in pictures with all of his felt letters and numbers. He doesn't even know how stylishly documented the first year of his life will be. So exciting!!

Happy maternity leave. I hope you still have a sewing blog here when you come back :)

Just Kidding, I've got the whole week planned out...(you'll be back after then, right)?!

Liz said...

No baby, and I even tried your suggestion!!!

Since I'm not being induced tomorrow I was actually thinking maybe I should get the supplies to make a yarn wreath to take with me to the hospital. What would the nurses think?!?!

And maybe I need a Spring Tote to take all my supplies with me. I might just pick out the fabric tonight.

I just might have a post or two next week after all. :)

Annee said...

I cannot believe my HOT tip failed!! I'm so sorry to hear that. All you really need to do is have a baby this week! That's it. I don't think you have a tote bag shortage, or need a 4th of July wreath since you'll need to display the "it's a boy wreath" into the month of July!

Just settle down!! You are not invited to have a post this week. Unless it's to post a picture of a baby with felt letters above his head that say "1 Day Old".

Good luck!!!

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