Monday, June 13, 2011

Tank Top Dress Meets Lazy Day Skirt

I've been busy friends!!  I'm sure it has everything to do with the fact that I'm a week away from having another baby, and I'm nesting like crazy.  There's this feeling I have for whatever reason that once my baby comes my sewing room is going to see no action other then lots of laundry and hosting my mom on the floor for several weeks.  So with these thoughts, I've been going crazy to get things done.  I'm pleased to say I've finished almost all my WIP from last week.  I love checking things off my list!

First up was another tank top dress.  On our sidebar you will find a link to the Lazy Day Skirt free pattern from Oliver and S.  Annee first introduced it to me, and I've probably made 20 of these.  Maybe that's a stretch, but I've made a lot because they make the perfect gift, and they come together sew quickly.

I took my main skirt fabric (Alexander Henry Birdseed in Pink), 

added a coordinating fabric to it, 

and threw some rick rack on top of my seam.

Then I sewed the selvaged edge to selvaged edge, gathered the top of my skirt fabric to the size of my tank top, and sewed them together.  I didn't time myself on this project, but I'm 100% positive it took me less than an hour and a half.  I went back and forth over whether or not to embellish the tank top, but I decided not to.  I like to say I heard Tim Gunn in my head telling me to "edit" as he would a contestant on Project Runway.  Surely a little flower or ruffle or something wouldn't have been too much, but the project came together so fast I'm not sad I didn't do more.

The next day we head to the gorgeous grounds of the local Catholic church (notice the statue of the monk in the above pictures) and snapped some shots.  I love this little dress.  This is also one of my favorite fabrics ever!  I own Alexander Henry's Birdseed in all 3 colors, and true to who I am the pink is my favorite.

Grace did tell me that she likes the dress, but wishes it had more color in it.  She's requested a bow and a flower on the top.  I've told her when I have time I'll add them.  Which should be translated as, I'm probably never going to add them.  Sorry, Grace.  It's still totally cute though, right?!

And hopefully I'll have a tutorial for you tomorrow!  Stay tuned.  If not tomorrow, then maybe Wednesday?  We'll see how long my insatiable need to get things done holds out.  Probably I need to pack a suitcase for the hospital should my body decide to go into labor on it's own.  That might be slightly more important than finishing my tutorial or painting my picture frames.  Just slightly.

Tootles for now!

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Annee said...

What a great variation. I'm thinking I need a few more tank tops now. I love that birdseed fabric so much!!

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