Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tank Top Dress

So I finally made a Tank Top Dress like the two that Annee made for her girls.  This is really a very easy dress, but even easy things seem hard to me these days.  BUT, I'm so glad I made this.  When I had Grace try it on for the first time she asked me if she could wear it all day which is a huge compliment if you ask me.  The fact that she wasn't groaning about something meant we were both pleased with it in the end.

I used Annee's instructions that she left in a comment to a follower of MOM.  These were her instructions:

I measured across the bottom of the tank top then doubled it to get the circumference. Then, I double that figure. For example, I believe the circumference was 22, which meant I was going for a total for 44 inches across (in total). Since I was going to use 4 different fabrics I wanted to use, I think that worked out to be 6.6 inches wide per stripe (trying to take into account the amount of seam allowance I wanted). I believe I cut them 19 inches long. It fell right about to her knees, if not slightly below. I liked the length.

The only thing I'll do differently next time would be to lengthen the tank top portion of the dress.  I had intended on it being a little longer.  I had a little bit of a tricky time attaching the tank top to the skirt, so I ended up shortening the tank top to have a "do over."

Now that I know how quickly this dress comes together maybe I'll get to Old Navy to buy a couple of tank tops.  Or maybe I should attempt another dress all together.  Or maybe I should consider an earlier bed time. Or just enjoy not having to do something with my last couple of weeks without an infant who will demand all my time and attention.

I'll figure it out tomorrow.  I'm also signing off for the week.  It's only a day early, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend.  I'm hoping to spend my weekend resting as much as possible.  And maybe making another dress...
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