Monday, May 23, 2011

KCWC wrap-up post, one week later.

Thanks to Liz for giving me the week off of blogging!  After the epic week of sewing for KCWC, I really was in the mood for  a break.  But of course, it didn't last very long.  I had a pile of quilts awaiting my attention, remember?  Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week to see what I was able to get done.  The pile is shrinking!!

After it was all said and done for KCWC, I have to admit that the ruffled tank dress was simply my favorite.  Since I had purchased two tank tops at the same time, I knew there would be one more tank-dress on my horizon, though the official sewing challenge was over.  I had a single cherished fat quarter of the Heather Ross's Princess and the Pea fabric, and it has been waiting to be highlighted.  I looked at that fat quarter and realized I could get three, 6 inch wide stripes that would be 18 inches long.  That was the perfect length and width for a tank dress.  The rest is now dress making history:

The ruffle down the front matches two of the stripes that are on the back of the dress.  Once again, I cut the ruffle on the bias.  This is a close-up to show what it looks like after coming out of the washer AND the dryer.  I am really enjoying this little trick.  No more need for the tiny hem, or serging the sides for ruffle adornments.

The ruffle tank dress is the easiest summer sewing project.  The next time I can turn it into a tutorial, though I feel kind of silly doing so, since it's so darn easy to make.  And now that I know I can use a fat quarter of fabric, my horizons just expanded, exponentially!

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Liz said...

I still can't get over how much you made for KCWC. I love the usage of the fat quarter for the tank top dress. Now I get to shop for fat quarter bundles!!

The tank top dress is on the top of my list of things to sew right now. It just looks like an essential addition to the summer wardrobe!

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