Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some baby essentials.

One of the other items on my things to sew before my baby arrives was a nursing cover.  With my other two kids, I used blankets or changed locations for privacy.  With this baby I might not have the luxury of always being able to nurse at home like I could do for the most part with my first two.  So I made myself a nursing cover.

There are several tutorials out there on how to make a nursing cover, but I think this one from TaDa! Creations caught my eye because it used two different fabrics and rick rack.  I love rick rack.  Maybe I'm too old to have rick rack on my clothing??  But rick rack on a nursing cover is totally fine, right?

I used two of Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush to make my cover.  There have been some interesting comments and blog post on sewing blogs about the Innocent Crush line.  Some don't really care for it.  Call me crazy, but I really love it.  Having my nursing cover made out of beautiful fabric gets me all excited about sitting somewhere in public nursing.  Okay, maybe excited isn't the word, but at least I'll be nursing in style.

And with nursing a baby comes the need for burp cloths.  Having donated all of my old burp cloths away I needed to buy or make some.  I chose to use Homemade By Jill's burp cloth template, but I didn't want lots of snipping to do to make the fraying edges, so I chose to just stack my layers right side together, sew around them, and then turn them right side out and then top stitch.

I also used some different minky fabric on one side instead of just using flannel.

I'm almost ready for my little one to arrive.  Almost, because you can NEVER really be ready for an addition to your family.  But, I'm so looking forward to holding my little baby boy and admiring how little he is in every way.  And the smells of newborns.  I love the way babies smell.  And I won't be so sad when I rolling over in bed at night isn't so painful!!


Kevin and Kristina said...

Adorable!! I can't wait to see your little guy either. Love the nursing cover. So nice that you can make yourself a cute one!

Jess said...

I love the yellow print! and ric rac. I wasn't a big fan of the line, but this print I like!

Annee said...

Did you add the hidden pocket onto yours? Was it easy to make? I just looked through the tutorial, because I always think it would make a great baby shower gift, but it looks like it might actually take a while to construct. Did it?

You were on a roll while you had the house to yourself!!

Annee said...

I didn't really know that not liking AMH fabric was ever an option :) Sure some prints aren't my favorites, but on the whole, I thought it was still lovely.

Liz said...

I omitted the hidden pocket because I'm not sure what I'd put in it.

There was really nothing too tricky about this project. However, the boning that I bought at my JoAnn's came with a fabric covering. This made it nearly impossible to feed through the opening at the top of the nursing cover. I figured out how to get it in place eventually, but I was frustrated at the extra time it took.

Overall I would say this is a rather quick project. And, I do think it would be a great baby shower gift.

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