Wednesday, May 11, 2011

KCWC Day #2

Friends, yesterday was a success.  First I finished my homework.  The green gingham shirt dress/tunic was completed.  It fits!  Yeah it's short, and kind of a pain that through the summer she'd need to pair it with leggings, but come on, it's cute, right?!

Ruby was a fan, so I guess that's all that matters.  She picked it to wear to school today, so that's a success around here!!

As soon as the shirt dress was finished, I had to get started on Tuesday's items.  First on the list was a red-thread mini skirt.  Liz recent use of this fabric gave me the idea of making a skirt for my girls so that we can one day do a matching mother daughter outfit day!  I never thought I'd see the day I wanted to do that.  It must be a sure sign that I'm officially getting old :)

Super simple pattern.  It's basically flawless.  I thought the fabric had enough going on, so I opted to leave the pockets off.  Doing it that way, this is probably about a 1.5 hour skirt.  Awesome!!

Please don't judge me.  Despite my very best efforts, I could not get the pink line to line-up from front to back.  The back piece is a straight cut, but the front piece is an angled cut.  I was at a loss, though I did valiantly try!!

Then, before calling it quits for the day, once I had all my babes settled in bed, I ran out, once more to the sewing garage and finished this Popover sundress that I had started right as they were getting home from school.

For some reason I ended up needing to gather the top of the dress a little bit, to make the front facing piece fit.  In the end, I liked that little detail.

I used pre-made bias tape to save time.  It's a little thin.  Let's hope it can hold up to the wear and tear of the summer.  This is such an amazing free pattern.  If you haven't made your little girl a Popover sundress, you really should.  It too takes about 1.5 hours to make.  That's my kind of project.

For day three, I have two new items on my list.  First up, I want to try the Elsie Marley tutorial for knotted shorts.  After that, I'm thinking of going for a stripe pieced tank dress.  Something along these lines...

And in case you're wondering if I'm getting tired of sewing yet, the answer is yes, yes I am.  But just a little bit.  Not enough to quit :)  I'm committed at least to see this through Thursday.  Friday I'm subbing, and who knows what will happen over the weekend.  Two days down, and at least two more to go!!


Anonymous said...

I love the skirt, the fabric is beautiful! Never mind the pink line, no one will notice. You are so efficient, well done. And happy sewing!

Liz said...

Everything is gorgeous!! Love the simple design of the popover dress, and do I see a little linen?? The shirt dress turned ouT perfectly. I agree with Svenna on the skirt. It's totally cute and no one will notice the pink line!

The challenge was to sew an hour a day, and I'm sure you've put in 7 hours so far. Anything else you make is icing on the cake!

Keep up the good work!! Happy sewing!!

moxiemandie said...

LOVE that tunic!! It's SO sweet!!

Sarah M. said...

Wow, you are cranking things out over there. Awesome! That shirt dress turned out great. I've been wanting to make one of those.

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