Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC Day #4

I was on a roll.  But obviously that was not going to last forever.  I was subbing all day today, so no sewing to speak of, and probably there won't by the end of the day either.  But I do have something to show for myself from yesterday.

I had a sewing friend join me in the sewing garage yesterday.  She brought a little dress that she had, we laid it out inside out on freezer paper and turned it into pattern pieces that we thought would be big enough to fit our girls in kindergarten.

Given my recent success with "self-made" patterns, I was a bit leery.  Sew happy to report that this time we were totally successful!!

On every project, except for the yellow dress, there has been a touch of linen.  It hasn't really been a "theme" or a conscious decision, but I noticed it as I was trying to select the contrasting band for this dress, and just decided to stick with it.  I'm loving the subtle effect it's had on each dress.

When the day was almost over, I decided to give myself one last hour in the sewing garage to see if I could finish the tank dress.  Happily it only required one last hour!  It was such a fast and fun project I might just have to make a whole collection of tank dresses this summer.

Sorry for the bad lighting.  You know, it was late:

The white linen ruffle down the front of the tank top is cut on the bias.  I've heard that that will prevent it from fraying.  I did a little test with my fingers, trying to see if the fibers would fray.  So far they were holding strong.  We'll see if it holds up in the wash.  Given my attraction to the linen, I just couldn't resist.  Ruby wore this one to school today.  I have to say, I'm a fan!!

So those were my accomplishments for Day #4.  Today is Day #5 and it's going to be a pass for me.  But who knows, maybe I have one. more. dress. before I call Kids Clothing Week Challenge over.  We'll see!!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Liz said...

The self made pattern dress is absolutely adorable!! I love the addition of linen on everything. I think you deserve a pass today. You've sewn sew much this week. Sew impressive!!

Annee said...

Ha! Ha! Liz you are sew funny.

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