Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Scrappy Ideas

I don't know about you, but I was sew impressed with all that Annee sewed last week for her little ladies.  And, not only did she sew like crazy all week long, but she blogged all week long giving me a week off.  It was dreamy.  The Italian also took my kids to his parents house for part of last week, so I had LOTS of sewing time.  This week you'll be hearing and seeing a lot from me!

To start off the week I'll take you back a week to my Mother's Day present for my mom.  In Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me: 24 Reasons to Loving Sewing, she shares a pattern for a Pin Cushion Caddy.  Annee bore her testimony of this pin cushion caddy to me a couple years back, and I, of course, made one and have loved it.  It's by my side through all my projects.

This is a little sneak peek of another project I'll be sharing later this week.  Notice my friendly Pin Cushion Caddy by my side.

I decided that my mom needed a Pin Cushion Caddy, so I made her one for Mother's Day.  I also added her favorite chocolates that they don't sell in the South.  The beauty of this project, besides the fact that you will not be able to live without it once you have one, is that you can make the who think out of scraps.  I love projects like that!

Once the Pin Cushion Caddy was ready to be sent off, I realized that I didn't have a card.  What to do??  Make one.

Again, I reached into my scrap bin and started pulling coordinating fabrics.  I then took one piece of 12 X 12 cardstock and divided it into 4 squares.  (I had to mail out the scraps to our two winners, and I needed to add a card their packages as well.)  So I had a couple cards to create.

I took a regular glue stick,

Put glue all over my card,

Placed my fabric and then sewed all around them.

I penned a little note on the back of each card, 

And put them in their assigned boxes.

Simple, quick, and cute if you ask me!

I made these cards more like postcards, but the sky's the limits with this idea.  You can use the same idea and steps to make an actual card.

Stay tuned this week because I have what I believe to be a gorgeous quilt idea all made out of scraps.  Get excited!  


Sarah M. said...

Super cute cards.. Your mom will love her new cushion she's been dying to get one.

Annee said...

Blogging breaks are so awesome, sometimes. I really want to make a new pin cushion caddy. I want one for every work surface in the sewing garage! I think I have enough scraps to make pin cushions until I die.

I love your cards. What a clever idea. I hope I'll make some.

moxiemandie said...

Cute! And hey! One of those cards is here at my home, now! :)

Thanks so much for the lovely scraps! I can't wait til I have a chance to make something pretty!

MiniBinoy said...

cute cards indeed!!

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