Monday, May 2, 2011

Winner of the Scraps Giveaway

And the Winners are (according to

#4 - Flori who said "Okay, if I'm honest, I don't NEED these, but you always have such great fabric choices--I would love to do something fun with these scraps!"


#18 Mandiegirl who said "I'd love to win!"

Congratulations, ladies!!!  Please email me ( your mailing address, and I'll get your scraps in the mail ASAP!

Thank you for all of you who participated in the scraps giveaway.  I might just need to do this again, so stay tuned!

Hope you've got big plans for sewing this week.  I'm hoping to get some things off of my Sewing To Do List.  Here's to finding the energy to get them done!!


Flori said...

Hooray!! I was feeling lucky and I WAS lucky! I'll email you.

Ie Li said...

I'm totally bummed.

Annee said...

Could Grace be a better participant?! I don't think so!!

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