Monday, May 30, 2011

Sand, sun and water.

I got the amazing idea that with our beach vacation on the horizon, that I NEEDED a beach quilt to spread out on the sand, for tanning and reading.  You know how you spread your towel out, but then your feet fall of the ends of it.  Or the sand starts pouring in on the sides?!  I hate that.  I figured with the generous size of a beach quilt I would be like a sand-free island atop my quilt.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  But the quilt got made!!

*Annee is posting this from the beach and her internet is slow, so I logged in to help enlarge the photos.  This quilt turned out beautifully.  I know she used some of Heather Ross' Far Far Away fabric as her inspiration for the quilt.

I could probably save this for a comment, but I'm loving Annee's mix of FMQ on the border of the quilt with diagonal lines in the center.  Gorgeous!

Annee's enjoying the beach for a couple of days, and, well, I'm 37 weeks pregnant, so posting might be sparse this week.  I do have a little something to share tomorrow, and we'll see how the rest of the week goes.  Thank you for being understanding!


Liz said...

Upon further study of your pictures, did you make little circles all along the border?? Did that make you dizzy? I love this.

We went to the beach on Saturday and took a quilt (not made my me and not nearly as cute) and it was much better than having towels. I have high hopes of getting to the beach as much as possible this summer. Maybe I'll need to make a beach quilt. :)

Annee said...

Yeah I tried the fMQ technique called pebbles. It was, in my opinion a little easier than stippling but it still takes lots of practice and I was not eager to do it to all the squares. But it reminded me of shells or beach rocks, completing the beach them of sun, sand and water. Happy to report it works great! The beach is amazing.

Thanks for the edits.

Sarah M. said...

So glad you got this finished in time!! A mighty fancy beach quilt indeed. I love the Pebbles quilting. Have fun at the beach!

Flori said...

Love the colors and mixing the quilting techniques. What a great quilt! You seriously have the greatest fabric stash EVER. I am amazed every time you say you just pulled something out of your stash.

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