Monday, May 9, 2011

A challenge

After finishing the quilt top, the next day I had to throw together a quick baby shower gift.  I remembered receiving a couple of sets of hooded towels at my baby shower when I had my little girls.  They were used from the day the girls came home, up until this very day!  A well used gift full of purpose is my favorite kind.  There are no less than 104 tutorials for hooded towels in blog land!  Just google it and you'll have your pick.  I borrowed elements from a few different ones.  I liked the finished product.  So did Ruby.  I might need to make a few more hooded towels...

I spent less than $10 getting my towels from Sam's Club.  We've been wonderfully impressed with their large and fluffy bath towels this year.  I'm happy to have found another fun and simple go-to baby shower gift!

On Friday afternoon, after two long and exhausting days substitute teaching, imagine how delighted I was to receive an unexpected package, post marked, KOREA!

My sweet friend Karen Davis (be sure and check out her blog, and she's always adding treasures to her Etsy shop) had picked out a few of her recent favorites from my most cherished fabric store, and sent them my way!  For a moment I was transported back to Korea when on any given afternoon I would return home with a huge parcel of fabrics from Happy Quilt, and an expanse of possibility to carry me through. I wanted to begin cutting and sewing right away.  I had forgotten how new fabric can have that affect on you.

It was like a little package of spring time hope and cheer, delivered straight to me from Karen.  I am indebted Karen!

And, I am energized to sew.  So much so, I have decided to give myself a little challenge.  I have long enjoyed watching the excitement over at the Elsie Marley blog during kids clothes week challenge (KCWC).  I'll see entries popping up at all of my favorite sewing blogs.  With this recent delivery of new fabrics, I feel compelled to throw my hat in the ring, and sew-along.  This week, I'll be sewing everyday for my kids (probably mostly my girls, though I have at least one pair of promised pajama pants for a boy!).  The quilt is put off for another week.  But after sewing so many clothes, the quilt might in fact become a welcome relief.  Sew along if you feel so inclined.  Or cheer me on, if that is more your style.  Either way, I hope I will not disappoint.

P.S.  Since it was Mother's Day, and I was gifted with free time, I got a head start this afternoon.  I'm well on my way with THIS PATTERN.  Truthfully, I'm a little nervous if it's going to turn out.  


k. davis said...

you are sooooooo welcome sweet friend :) I'll be sure to send more "love" from Happy Quilt as soon as I get back from Ukraine :)

Liz said...

I can't wait to see what you make this week!! Seeing your line up of fabric treasures brings back fond memories of getting my own surprise packages in the mail from Korea!! Those were the days. Gorgeous new additions to your stash.

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