Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC Day #1

Yesterday was day one for me of Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I completely finished one dress, and got really close to finishing a second:

McCall 5966

I mostly followed the pattern completely.  However, the piping was my own addition.  It slowed me W A Y down and required me to unpick more than once!  And even I sewed a sleeve on inside out.  Apparently I was a bit distracted?!

Next, I attempted the MADE men's dress-shirt to little girls dress tutorial.  The most annoying part of this tutorial is the lack of a pattern piece.  It's fine to not include a pattern piece in a tutorial, but all users should beware that it's then a 50-50 chance that your end result will be similar to the tutorial's end result. Anyway, this is actually the second one I made, all in one day!  The first one was too narrow.  This one is going to be too short.  It will have to be a tunic, which will require some leggings.  Not exactly what I was hoping for in a summer dress.  But whatever, it's about learning and growing, right?!  I'll get it finished today.

My goal with KCWC was to sew two things each day.  Had I not messed up my sizing on the first shirt dress, I might have actually reached my goal.  Since I have left over "homework" from yesterday, I'm not so sure that I'll get two more things made today.  We'll see!  I better get out to the sewing garage.  I hope you're getting things done too.


Liz said...

I'm tired just looking at what you made!! Seriously amazing that you made two things yesterday. So sorry that the first shirt dress didn't turn out. Such a bummer!

I love the addition of piping to the first dress. Great idea!

Good luck today!

Rachel's Roost said...

Loving that yellow dress! I tried a mens shirt dress twice and both times they just looked "wrong." Darn it!

Flori said...

I'm so glad you're blazing the trail with these! I have that same dress pattern but haven't tried it yet. It looks really short in the bodice to me. How does it fit on? I have been wanting to try the shirt tutorial too but it seemed too "iffy" and I'm not willing to spend the time right now. I will learn from your experience!

Sarah Moran said...

I used the men's shirt to dress tutorial last year to make a dress for Abigail. It worked out well for me, but I think I was just lucky!

Annee said...

Flori, I'll get a picture with a little girl in that dress before the week is over! When they have put it on, I haven't been struck with it being short in the bodice. It seems to fit "normal" to me.

Great news, the second attempt at the shirt dress has been a success! What a relief. I'm not in love with having to make my own pattern pieces, in case I wasn't clear about that :)

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