Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCWC Day #3

Yesterday I spent the majority of my time working on the knot shorts.  A tutorial from Elsie Marley via Grosgrains free pattern month.  It's such a cute idea, I really wanted to try.

First problem, having to draft my own pant pattern piece.  Instead of drafting my own, I used our favorite pajama pant pieces, and thought I'd just turn them into shorts.

Second problem, in the construction of these pants, they make no distinction between the front piece and the back piece, and yet my front and back were different.  In real pant patterns, the back piece has a deeper crotch curve.  But I guess for these shorts, you're supposed to use the same piece for the front as you do for the back.  I didn't realize that until the very last step.  I kept thinking it mattered.  

Too bad.  They looked so cute!  I loved the green gingham.  Jane wanted to like them.  But she just said they felt funny on.  And I have no doubt she is right!  Will I try them again?  I might.  First I need to get over the loss of these one.  It takes some time to heal.

I managed to start my little tank dress.  This is such a simple project.  Just cut of a tank top, and piece together the stripes of fabric.  I think this one will be an easy win, when it gets finished.  Just need to do all of the finishing seams and we've got ourselves a dress.

I have a sewing friend coming over today.  We may be attempting another copy-cat dress.  Cross your fingers for me.  I really feel like I need only successes from here on out!

Gotta run.  I'm still a mom, and still have to do my regular volunteering this morning, and run to the grocery store, and hope that the laundry pile doesn't get as tall as our three story house.  Have a great day!!


Liz said...

So sad about the shorts. They still look cute in the picture. Hopefully one day you'll make a second attempt.

The tank dress is gorgeous. I love the fabric choice and the cute ruffle down the front of the tank top. I will definitely be making this look!!

You're amazing. I'm so impressed with all that you've made.

Valerie said...

How wide did you cut the strips? I'd love to make one of these for Emma. I'm more of a beginning sewer, but I think I could actually do this. For the rest of your projects, I just sit and smile at your talent. And patience.

Annee said...

Hey Valerie. I measured across the bottom of the tank top then doubled it to get the circumference. Then, I double that figure. For example, I believe the circumference was 22, which meant I was going for a total for 44 inches across (in total). Since I was going to use 4 different fabrics I wanted to use, I think that worked out to be 6.6 inches wide per stripe (trying to take into account the amount of seam allowance I wanted). I believe I cut them 19 inches long. It fell right about to her knees, if not slightly below. I liked the length.

Hope that helps. It really is so easy! I'm sure you'll do something fabulous. Have fun!!

Annee said...

*I should have proof read my comment :) Hopefully it makes sense.

Valerie said...

Thanks! My sister sent me cute fabric from Korea for my birthday, so I need projects to make with it. I appreciate the help!

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