Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oliver + S: FREE Popover Sundress

This dress speaks for itself if you ask me.  It's such a simple and darling style.  The pattern is written to perfection, and if you have a little girl, then I suggest you try this little number.

I also liked the way Annee finished her straps off when she made the Popover Sundress for Jane and Ruby last summer, so I had to try it.  I probably could/should have taken some pictures on how to finish off the ties, but if I'm being honest I just wasn't up to it.  All my extra energy is going towards making a little baby boy these days.  I will say that it isn't hard to figure out, so give it a try.

The fabric I used for Grace's Popover Sundress makes the dress if you ask me.  I have no idea who made it, designed it, manufactured it, or anything about it other than it's adorable.  I believe it was a remnant or stray fabric Annee found at Happy Quilt, and she used it to make herself a Schoolhouse Tunic.  I've held on to the fabric for over a year because I was saving it for the perfect project.

The Popover Sundress was the perfect project.  

You'll probably see this pattern from me again especially since it's warming up here, and I feel like Grace needs more dresses for summer time, and I have no energy.  I actually think I'll be able to pull off making one of these Popover Sundress even after my baby boy is born.  That's how simple this dress is.  Have I convinced you to try it yet??


Annee said...

It's so perfect! It makes me wish I had enough fabric left to make it's identical twin over here on the East coast. I will go evaluate how much I have left, TODAY.

Sarah M. said...

So cute! love that fabric. Grace is getting good at posing :)

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