Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Things are going to be a little quiet at Made on Maple this week.  Annee is in full swing with summer vacation and house guests, and I'm supposed to be prepping for my baby.  I do have several projects that I'm working on, but my brain seems to be bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine, so I'm not sure what will get done and what won't.  I find when I have too much I want to do I have a hard time getting organized.  It's really sad.  I'm crossing my fingers all of it will get done by the weekend.  It's possible.  I think.

Here's what I have on my list of creative projects that I'd like to get done:

Go through my pictures and choose current ones to put in my picture wall.

Try to decide what color(s) to paint the picture frames on my art wall.  Should they all be the same color?  Or do I make them each their own color?  I'm leaning towards painting them all the same color as the frame in the picture below.

Make another Tank Top Dress.  I was going to do a multi fabric skirt like I did last time, but I like the Alexander Henry Pink Birdseed so much that I think I just want it to be the main event.  Now I'm trying to decide how I want to embellish the tank top.  Or maybe I just let this be the easiest, quickest project ever and leave the tank top plain.  Decisions!

I want to make another wreath for a friend.  This project WILL get done.  The tutorial might not.  We'll see!

I hosted a Sewing Soiree here at Made on Maple West Coast last night, and I helped a friend make the Crazy Daisy Apron.  It actually was completed before the party was over, so this actually is no longer a WIP. Wahoo!

And the most important Work in Progress over here at MOM West Coast is taking care of my baby.  I'm doing my best, but I might have eaten too many cookies yesterday!

I'll let you know next week what I get done.  I hope you have a good rest of your week.  Hopefully your pile of unfinished projects is shorter than mine!!


Annee said...

I'm just kind of jealous of all the creativity that is sparking up in your head! I feel like I'm experiencing radio silence over here. I've decided that when you are busy making things, the more your creativity is alert and awake. When you go lay on the beach for a week+, you begin to wonder what you ever used to make.

What should I start with?! I wish I could come fold your laundry. That feels about right for me today.

Love the baby bump photo!!

Ie Li said...

Liz, your red and white striped baby bump is adorable. So for lazy days/tank dress, will you still use the elastic or just gather the skirt to fit the top?

Liz said...

Annee, I wish you were here to fold my laundry or just talk to me while I did my least favorite chore!!

Thanks for the baby bump love, Ie Li. I made the tank top dress today, and I just gathered my Lazy Day skirt and added it to the tank top dress omitting the elastic. I'll post the dress next week with some pictures and a few instructions.

Sanchez Family said...

I'm so impressed with your energy. All my creativity is going towards report cards :( soon.....soon!!!!

Liz said...

I hope you got your report cards done, Maggie!! I remember having to do them...not my favorite part of the job. Good luck!

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