Sunday, September 25, 2011

As promised.

My models in their dresses:

Working together to blow some bubbles:

Jane's leg flick captured in photo is totally priceless to me.

I got super crafty, pulled out my hot glue gun and managed this much of a hair accessory.  I might be the last girl on the craft planet to attempt one of these type of wrapped flowers.  But in case I'm not, and you're like, "What?  How did you make that?!", here's a TUTORIAL.

I totally love this side zipper detail.  

I am right here announcing that I am official aboard the "Marissa Dress" bandwagon!  I will be making this dress again.  Since the pattern goes up to a size 12 or something like that, my ladies should probably get excited about all the Marissa dresses in their near future. 

Have a great week of sewing.  I already have a few other finished projects to share.  Here's to hoping my turn on the computer rolls around more often than it did this weekend!  


Liz said...

Jane and Ruby are so darling. They look so lovely in their new dresses. Well done. I love the Marissa. I really want to sew one.

Sarah said...

They look even cuter on the models. That Marissa dress looks like such a great pattern.

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